Uzinmedicare Co.

503-02, Chang-ri, Namsa-myun,, Yangin-Shi
449-885 Kyunggi-do
Korea (Rep.)

Phone: (+82-31)3220132
Fax: (+82-31)3224292

Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Sales volume 50-99 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 1999
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Facility Management

Company Profile

Company Instruction
Hello! Are you now comfortable to breastfeed your babies without suffering from engorgement?

UZINMEDICARE developed Spectra electric breast pump first in Korea to meet the needs of moms nursing babies.

UZINMEDICARE was founded on 8 of July, 1999 and has been supplying Spectra Electric Breast Pumps and Spectra Milk Storage Bags to hospitals, gynecologic clinics, care houses after childbirth, and brought Spectra Electric Breast Pumps for home use to market in March 2002. UZINMEDICARE will concentrate our efforts to develop higher gualified breastfeeding products and, further, to be established as a professional company of this business in the world market.

UZINMEDICARE, a company for breastfeeding mothers and their babies!!!

Product Information
01.08.01 Suction devices
Breast shield set

This is the part that contacts with the breasts of the mother for milk that it may separate the set to make easy cleaning and sanitation.

Day Cooler Carrier Kit

Consist of 5 polypropylene bottles and
3 ice packs for cooling breast milk.

Polypropylene Bottles

Pack of 5 PP storage bottles.

Silicon Massager

It’s designed to touch and massage the breasts softly and help express breast milk gently and comfortably even in case of soreness of nipples and flat or inverted nipples.

Spectra 1

Spectra 1 is available at any hospitals, gynecologic clinics and care houses after in the whole country

Spectra 2

Spectra 2 is ideal for home use. The kit is very easy to use as it is automatic. It is also comfortable and safe as it works according to imitation of baby’s sucking. You can adjust suction power as you want.

Spectra 3

Instructions for use slim type.

Spectra milk storage bags

These are hygiene and safe bags to seal in one stop poducttion process to store breast milk that the breas milk can be regrigerated or frozen.

Tote Bag

For convenient storage of breast Pump,
Accessories and Cooler Carrier kit.