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03057 Kiev

Phone: (+380-44)4569392
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Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 1992
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

About Us

UTAS Company was established in 1992 for implementing innovation projects in the field of medical equipment.

The main activity of the company includes design, production, maintenance and distribution of complicated electronic medical equipment for diagnostics and monitoring.

Equipment manufactured by UTAS Co. is used in Intensive Care Units/Critical Care Units, labor wards of clinics and hospitals, in ambulances.

Nowadays UTAS Co. designs and manufactures the following equipment:

Electrocardiographs ;

Pulse Oximeters;

Patient Monitors;

Central Stations;

Syringe Pumps;

Diagnostic complexes with telemetry.

As a result of implementing the latest technologies in signal processing, modern software and up-to-date achievements in electronics, the company offers high-accuracy, portable and economically advantageous products.

Currently, due to high quality and reliability of products UTAS Co. successfully operates on the international market of medical equipment, creating a wide international dealer network.

The Quality Management System of UTAS Co. has been certified in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003.

Products of UTAS Co. have been certified according to European standard (Directive 93/42/ ???) and have ??-marking.

Medical equipment manufactured by UTAS Co. is successfully operated in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Such a result of the company’s activity would be impossible without special technical basis, unique technological solutions, application of high technologies of worldwide leaders in electronics, cooperation with leading medical institutions of different countries.

Up-to-date technical level, reliability and functionality along with availability are the main motto of UTAS Company.
Product Information Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories

01.03.04 Infusion technology equipment
USP 100

USP 100 is a multifunctional programmable syringe pump for precise long-term infusion.
USP 100 is designed to meet the infusion needs in a wide range of application.


Advanced technology and high safety standard
Wide range of flow rates
User selectable flow rate, volume, bolus rate and bolus volume
Programmable function (bolus volume, basal rate, time interval, drug name, drug concentration, patient weight)
Drug database
User selectable occlusion pressure limit
KVO function
Automatic storage of all infusion parameters
Automatic recognition of syringe size
Enhanced alarm functions
Bi-directional interface for Patient Data
Management System
Internal rechargeable battery
High-resolution backlit color LCD display
Simple and safe usage
Universal mounting mechanism
Compact, light -weight and cost-effective

01.04.04 Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations
UCS 1000

UCS 1000 Central Station is designed for networking and central monitoring of patient’s vital signs for up to 32 Bedside Monitors.
High configurable software and user-friendly interface makes UCS 1000 safe and easy to operate in any hospital.
Bedside Monitors are connected to the Central Station via hardwire (Shema A) or Wi-Fi interface (Shema B). Measured values and up to 10 waveforms from any networked patient monitor view on one or two PC displays controlled by a single keyboard and mouse. All waveforms, numerical data and trends are available for immediate review.

UCS 1000 detects and classifies more than 35 different types of arrhythmias. Up to 1000 arrhythmia events
automatically stored and can be reviewed for each Bedside Monitor. All arrhythmia events for previous 24 hours stored and sorted in Arrhythmia Summary. In addition to arrhythmia analysis ST segment values for all measured ECGs are displayed.
Multi-level alarm system optimize patient safety. Acoustic and visual alarms indicate the monitor in critical

UCS 1000 allows to control and set alarm configuration of bedside monitors from the Central Station. Up to 1000 alarm episodes stored and can be reviewed for each Bedside Monitor.
Trend data for all measured values is available for up to 72 hours. Available options include 72-hour full disclosure waveforms (8 channels). Significant events are marked for later review and analysis.
UCS 1000 allows to print out full report for each patient. The extensive bedside monitor report includes hospital name, patient name, report time, alarm history, arrhythmia summary, trends, waveforms, ECGs analysis etc. The report configuration is user selectable.

Special H eart R ate V ariability (HRV) software is integrated in all UTAS’s Cental Stations.
HRV is important in the vital signs monitoring of patients with problems such as hypertension, heart attack, diabetes, heart failure etc.
With this software the physician gets the support to do an optimal diagnosis.
Modern signal processing technologies and original UTAS software provide a number of HRV parameters for patient care evaluation.
All parameters are according to the «Standards of Measurement, Physiological Interpretation and the Clinical Use of Heart Rate Variability: Task Force of the European Society of Cardiology and The North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology».

UM 300


UM 300 is a new multi-parameter portable patient monitor with high resolution color display and multi-gas module. UM 300 is ideal for operating rooms, intensive care units, recovery rooms and patient care during transport. Monitor can be connected to the Central Station to make monitoring information available throughout the hospital.

Features :

Unique networking capacity which allows viewing hospital network data, digital images, lab results, medication guidelines etc;
High brightness, wide viewing angle, color 12.1” display;
Expanded monitoring capabilities: ECG, HR, Pulse Oximetry, NIBP, Respiration Rate, Temperature, Invasive Blood Pressure, Cardiac Output, CO2, N2O, O2 and 5 Anesthetic Agents;
Simultaneous display of up to 8 real-time waveforms;
Advanced Digital Signal Processing;
Alarm supervision of all vital signs;
Multi-level alarm management;
12-lead ECG;
Arrhythmia and ST segment analysis;
Heart Rate Variability analysis;
Up to 72 hours trend for all measured values;
60 seconds full-disclosure waveforms review;
Up to 4 hours of internal battery operation;
Drug dose and infusion rate calculator.

UTASOXI 2 UtasOxi 2

UTASOXI 2 UtasOxi 2 is a new generation of portable pulse oximeters with outstanding features. The advanced digital signal processing and latest artifact detection technique make measurement faster and more accurate.
UtasOxi 2 includes highest standards in Pulse Oximetry in pocket size unit.

Features :

Bright LED display;
Quantitative pulse strength bar;
Full audible and visual alarms;
User selectable pulse tone and alarm volume;
Internal rechargeable battery;
Pulse tone frequency changes in the case of Oxygen Saturation changes;
Optimized for high artifact and patient motion;
Extensive trending capabilities.


UtasOxi 200 is a portable and cost effective pulse oximeter for non-invasive monitoring of Oxygen Saturation (SpO 2 ) and Pulse Rate.

UtasOxi 200 is ideal for operating and emergency rooms, intensive care and critical care units, recovery rooms and patient care during transport.

Features :

Bright LED display
Quantitative pulse strength bar
Full audible and visual alarms
User selectable pulse tone and alarm volume
Pulse tone frequency changes in the case of Oxygen Saturation changes
Optimized for high artifact and patient motion
Extensive trending capabilities