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The Production Association “Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant” is one of the leading enterprises specializing in development and manufacture of optronic instruments for civil and military application.

The Production Association “Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant” is one of the leading enterprises specializing in development and manufacture of optronic instruments for civil and military application.

Since the year 2003 UOMZ has been possessing the right to carry out independent foreign economic activity in the field of delivery of spares and service maintenance of military equipment. The right for the independent military-and-technical cooperation gives the Urals enterprise the new opportunities for participation in setting up of service centers in the countries where the aircrafts and helicopters with the Urals avionics are used. Today UOMZ is registered as an official supplier of optronic systems for the Air Force of India and Malaysia and develops a prospective partnership with these countries.

In July 2003 the Plant has successfully passed the certification quality management system audit for the compliance with International standards ISO 9001 for geodetic, medical products, consumer goods. The medical products of UOMZ have the European quality CE mark.

In June 2005 our Plant has been awarded a prize of the RF government in the field of quality for the achievement of sufficient results in the field of quality of products and services in 2004.

UOMZ satisfies the needs of aviation, Navy, and land forces by equipping them with optronic sight systems developed with the account of laser technology achievements. The articles manufactured by the Plant are mounted on aircrafts and helicopters of various types: MiG-27, MiG-29, SU-27, SU-30 Mi-8, Mi-24, Ka-50, Ka-52 and others.

The FSUE “PA “UOMZ” is a leading Russian enterprise of Military and Production Complex specializing in development and manufacture of optronic systems for all kinds of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Our Association manufactures the day-and-night optronic systems using the last achievements of microelectronic and laser technics. As for the basic parameters – target detection and recognition, sight line and stabilization accuracy and reliability – the Urals systems correspond to the level of the best foreign analogs.

Being a leader on the Russian market, UOMZ successfully exports the high accuracy geodetic instruments of its own production to more than 30 countries worldwide. Our partners are the countries of Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. The Association serially manufactures 15 names of geodetic instruments of various classes of accuracy and destination.

In the frameworks of medical direction the priority is given to neonatal equipment production. UOMZ offers a series of neonatal equipment, range of light technical equipment developed with the use of the most advanced energy saving technologies.

The modern business-strategy of UOMZ is determined by concentration of all resources on the clearly formed directions of activity that allow the enterprise to be stable and at the same time quickly react to the change in demand and economic situation. UOMZ possesses the modern science intensive production basis. Today the Plant includes the production facilities, Central Design Bureau (CDB), modern structure of sales and promotion of products.

During the last years the IT-technologies have been widely introduced at the enterprise: program-and-information solution of matters in the field of finance, sales, production, projecting, provision etc, as well as modern connection and communication means. In the frameworks of the project for setting up of the integrated information system of the enterprise management a corporative network for data transfer is set at UOMZ, the multi service corporative network based on IP-telephony is being developed at the enterprise, this networks allows to unify the leading section and the branches of the Association into the unique information space. The development is taking place on the platforms of ERP-system: IFS Applications, system of design and process documentation management based on TCE. UOMZ became one of the first enterprises of the Defense-and-Industry Complex of Russia who widely introduced this kind of information technology at its facilities.

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