Beldico S.A.

Rue André Feher, 1
6900 Marche-en-Famenne

Phone: (+32-84)313780
Fax: (+32-84)313787
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Attucho/Hitas Ortopedi Ilkyardim Urunleri San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

34306 Istanbul

Phone: 0090-212-6716410
Fax: 0090-212-6716412
Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Year of foundation 1982
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology


Communication and Information Technology

Facility Management

Company Profile

Hitas, since 1982. manufacturing over 500 products in “Emergency and Rescue” and “Orthopedics and Rehabilitation” main fields, serving for better health of people.

Attucho, as the registered brand name for Emergency and Rescue Products division of Hitas, has various product groups i.e. Patient handling and transportation, Immobilization, Equipment handling, and wide range of other medical equipment including aspiration, airway management, diagnosis, ventilation, wound care, burn care, and surgical equipment.

Hitas Ltd. and Attucho are ISO 9001:2000 certified, and all of their products are CE marked according to 93/42/EEC.

Product Information
01.07.02 Furnishing / Equipment for mobile medical treatment rooms and vehicles Patient loading equipment for ambulances Stretchers Ambulances and accessories Ambulances/rescue vehicles

01.07.04 Rescue equipment and appliances
0210 “Deniz” Backboard 07.09.2007

As a result of this state of art technology Attucho Deniz is now the lightest, thinnest, largest, strongest, fully X-ray translucent and fully MRI competible unique backboard available in the world. Attucho Deniz is CE marked, and confirms to EN 1865 norms with a load test of 600 kg instaed of 250 kg which is indicated in EN 1865 standards..

Easy to claen and water proof ABS plastic material is shock and fire resistant. High pressure PU filling provides additional strenght and floats the backboard in the water.

There are total 14 large handles 5 on each side and 2 on each end. Additionally large head immobilizer connection spaces are added to the head part of the backboard. The recessed surface under the backboard protects the connections of the head immobilizer.

Attucho Deniz is supplied together with 3 patient restraints with lock buckles. The version with stainles steel pins provides usage with hook type patient restraints.

Available in 4 different colors: ORANGE, BLUE, YELLOW and MILITARY GREEN.

Lenght: 185 cm
Width: 42,5 cm
Height: 4,8 cm
Weight: 5,6 kg
Loading Capacity: 250 kg

Optional Accesories:
0750 Head Immobilizer
0755 Carry Bag for Head Immobilizer
0214 Spider Strap Sytem
0211 “Deniz” Backboard with PINS
0216 5 Piece Patient Restraints

0505 Basket Stretcher ALU-LIGHT 07.09.2007

Mono-block aluminum space frame consist of single piece elements passing through each other. Marine type plywood flooring and electrostatic painted body. Includes 4 patient immobilization belts.

Designed especially for rescue operations in fire, sea, air and disaster ruins.

Suitable to use in combination with vacuum mattresses and backboards.

0700 Air Splint Set 07.09.2007

Immobilizes upper and lower extremity fractures in a fast, easy and secure way, helps stopping of superficial bleeding.

Special PVC laminate material allows working at -25 – +45 ‘C. Self-sealing valves to prevent air leakage. Zipper closure. X-Ray transparent.

Set of 6 splints: ankle, ankle and long leg, short leg, long leg, wrist and short arm, wrist and long arm.

Together with inflating pump and special carry bag.

0702 Vacuum Splint Set – TPU 07.09.2007

Friction and tear resistant TPU material provides maximum service life.

Attucho Vacuum Splints are completely x-ray transparent.

They can be cleaned and disinfected with alcohol and mild soap and water.

Set of three together with vacuum pump, and carry bag.

Large size : Adult long leg, pediatric stretcher. 108 cm x 67 cm (37 cm)
Medium size : Adult long arm-short arm, pediatric long leg, infant stretcher. 74 cm x 61 cm (47 cm)
Small size : Adult short arm- ankle – neck, pediatric long arm, pediatric leg. 54 cm x 33 cm

0708 KED Extrication Device 07.09.2007

With its vertical rigidity and horizontal flexibility it is used to immobilize spinal region for extrication.

1100 denier PVC coated strong Polyester material, color coded fastening straps.

Suitable to use with anti-shock trousers, cardiac monitor and defibrillator. X-ray transparent.

Together with head fixation straps, pillow and carry bag.

0820 Trauma Bag Midi 07.09.2007

Emergency bag made of an extremely resistant water proof PVC/Nylon material.

Compact design, with great capacity. 4 large external pockets allow the storage of various emergency equipment and disposable items.

Hidden plastic walls with PU padding for shock resistance. 4 internal compartments allow space to be easily and personally organized.

Internal removable transparent windowed pouch allows easy identification and access to frequently used equipment.

Can be carried by hand, on shoulder, or back. Large, reflective strips all around the bag.

Available in 3 colors: RED, ORANGE, BLUE

0835 Medical Rescue Rucksack Maxi 07.09.2007

Rucksack with large carrying capacity and volume that is specially designed for natural disasters and big rescue operations to be used by medical stuff.

Produced of 1600 denier PVC laminated water proof material. Side walls are supported with PU foam and plastic material.

There are large pockets on each wing to organize medical equipment, removable internal bags and oxygen cylinder carrier on the back wall. Flexible upper and lower caps assure ease of closure.

Orthopedic adjustable back supports makes carrying easy.

Width: 40 cm
Lenght: 30 cm
Height: 70 cm

Attucho “NYB” Vacuum Mattres TPU 07.09.2007

Attucho NYB Vacuum Mattress is made of new Termoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) laminated Nylon material. As a very lightweight material, TPU provides maximum resistance to friction and tears and assures high performance at very high and very low temperatures.

7 independendant internal chambers helps to the homogenious distribution of microgranules to assure the maximum level of immobilization.

12 incorparated handles, 6 on each side provides ease of use and speed during application.

New check-valve type ventilation valve avoids the leakage of air. The ventilation valve has also a security cap that protects the valve. It is supplied together with 4 patient restraints with lock buckles and new compact vacuum pump.

Res-Q-Vac 07.09.2007

Hand operated powerfull suction pump

05.03 Doctors’ cases, emergency cases

05.12 Splints

05.12.03 Pneumatic splints

05.12.04 Splints for immobilisation of extremities

05.12.05 Accessoires for splints

05.12.06 Bandage splints

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Export Sales Millet Cad. 84/3 34093 Findikzade Istanbul TURKEY

Export Sales METAL IS SAN SIT. 8.BLOK NO:20 IKITELLI, 34306 Istanbul, Turkey

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Atracsys LLC

Ch. du Ru 12
1041 Bottens

Phone: (+41-21)5330350
Fax: (+41-21)5330351

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

President and CEO/ Michael Birchard Tel: +41 21 693 78 43, Fax: +41 21 693 65 40

Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume < 1 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Year of foundation 2004
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

About Atracsys LLC

Atracsys LLC is an independent privately held company founded in 2003 to exploit over ten years of research in minimally invasive surgery and optical tracking at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Our experts design, manufacture and market the highest precision devices for researchers working on leading-edge 3D optical tracking in medical research, education and industry.

We only do active optical tracking; considered by researchers as the most precise and reliable form of tracking available.

As an engineering and development company geared to the needs of the most demanding users, Atracsys has developed “best-in-class” precision active tracking systems (the easyTrack and the accuTrack) that can be easily customized and integrated into various research applications in the medical and research fields.

We recognise that not everyone is an expert on 3D tracking solutions and has the tools to put all of the elements together in an appropriate and cost effective manner. As such, Atracsys is able to help you with first of all, asking the right questions concerning your potential development or project before you start. As part of our consulting business, we are also happy to propose a custom software development that will meet your needs.

Product Information
01.08.02 Surgical instruments and products
Boomerang XL, Inline Marker and 4 LED Pointer 19.09.2007

Other markers with custom geometries can be designed for your specific project. Please contact us for more information.

Custom Marker Kit 19.09.2007

As a researcher, we understand that in certain circumstances you would like to develop your own custom marker. We are happy to sell you the components you will need to make this happen. We have regular high-speed as well as autoclavable cable with Ridel 9-pin connectors and high-quality IR LEDs. Wiring diagrams will be provided to help you build your own markers.

EasyBox 19.09.2007

The easyBox is designed to extend the number of active markers beyond the four onboard markers (9-pin) that are provided on the easyTrack. An additional four 9-pin markers (i.e. Pointer, Inline, Boomerang and Boomerang XL) and four 10-pin medical markers can be connected via the easyBox.

No additional power is needed, the easyBox is powered directly from the easyTrack. It also allows you to interconnect up to three easyTracks for projects that require increased spatial volume and flexibility.

EasyCable 19.09.2007

Connect two easyTrack devices easily using the 2.9-meter long easyCable. The markers of both devices are then shared and data acquisition is synchronized.

Magic Arm 19.09.2007

The Manfrotto Magic Arm allows you to securely mount your easyTrack on almost any surface; such as a pole, metal frame or desk. The quick position and release system lets you position the easyTrack exactly where you want it.

Related usage instructions are provided with each Manfrotto Magic arm.

VESA Style Adapter 19.09.2007

In addition to the standard tripod connection hole (1/4” – M20) on the bottom of the easyTrack 200 and 500 we offer a VESA style 75mm Adaptor (standard for LCD monitors etc.) with an orienting handle. This adaptor opens up the possibility to mount your easyTrack on one of the many monitor arms that are commercially available for general and hospital use.

Wired Boomerang Marker 19.09.2007

The offset centre LED allows superior tracking of the instrument through many planes of view. The Boomerang marker is available in regular configuration (that is ideal for laboratory use) and autoclavable (version that use special LEDs). Our Boomerang markers are individually calibrated with a typical calibration error of 0.04mm RMS making them up to six times more precise than competitive markers.

Active Markers

All Atracsys active markers are designed and manufactured using the best available materials to guarantee the highest possible accuracy at a very affordable price. The superior accuracy of the markers follows through to higher tip precision of the instrument, probe or other tools. Multiple fixing points allow you to easily fix the markers to your specific tool or instrument. The lightweight plastic of the markers is a real plus, especially in situations where the use of non-metallic markers is required.

Markers are available in both regular and autoclavable models. In the event that you would need a specially designed marker that cannot be built from our custom marker kit (see below), please contact us at

accu track 19.09.2007

The new accuTrack 3D active tracking system
Highest performance active tracking combining innovative technology and sleek design.

A slightly larger version of the accuTrack compact that delivers an extra level of precision at further distances. At only 53cm long and 1.4kg, this system can be used in most applications.

The accuTrack machine is designed to work with both wired (via the accuBox) and wireless tools. If your application requires the tracking of moving objects, the 4000hz acquisition speed will guarantee that you do not lose any precision.

If you are currently using an old passive system and are not happy with the accuracy, graduate to the accuTrack.

For more complete details on the accuTrack , please refer to the PDF (436 KB).

easyTrack 200 19.09.2007

Superior Active Tracking, Compact Size, Cost-Effective
The easyTrack 200 stands out because of its compact size – only slightly larger than a one-liter carton of milk. This compact size opens up tracking possibilities never before imagined. For example, the easyTrack 200, which weight only 1.2 kg, can be easily mounted on a microscope for 3D tracking with augmented reality applications.

The superior precision of the easyTrack active tracking system gives you the confidence to design tracking solutions that are a major step ahead. For more information on active tracking and precision, please see the Technology section. With four onboard active markers, you are able to easily handle most tracking applications. Both normal and autoclavable markers are available (see accessories).

The two working or spatial volumes available on the easyTrack 200 (see right image) allow you to chose the level of precision and working volume that you need for your specific application. For larger working volumes please see the easyTrack 500.

easyTrack 500 19.09.2007

The easyTrack 500 has been designed to work at close range for medium volume tracking applications. At only 1.6 kg and 55 cm in length, the easyTrack 500 can easily be placed close to the project field without interfering with you field of view.

If you are tired of tracking systems that are inflexible, the open system feature of the easyTrack 500 will be a dream come true. No complicated development kits are needed to integrate the easyTrack 500 into your development.

The superior precision of the easyTrack active tracking system gives you the confidence to design tracking solutions that are a major step ahead. For more information on active tracking and precision, please see the Technology section. With four active markers that plug directly into the easyTrack, you are able to easily handle most tracking applications. Both normal and autoclavable markers are available (see accessories).

The two working or spatial volumes available on the easyTrack 500 (see right image) allow you to chose the level of precision and working volume that you need for your specific application. Other general surgical instruments and equipment Instruments for the minimal-invasive surgery, MIS Instruments for accident surgery, orthopaedics and rehabilitation surgery Instruments for ENT surgery Instruments and apparatus for abdominal and general surgery Microsurgical instruments Minimal invasive surgery equipment Neurosurgical instruments and equipment Stereotactic operating instruments

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ATMOS MedizinTechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Ludwig-Kegel-StraĂźe 16
79853 Lenzkirch

Phone: (+49-7653)689-0
Fax: (+49-7653)689-190

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

GeschäftsfĂĽhrer Peter Greiser Tel: +49 7653 689 – 0

Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 1904
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Language: German Language: English Company Profile

Partner of medicine – worldwide
For 100 years ATMOS has been developing, producing and selling innovative medical equipment in about 60 countries around the globe. Several 100.000 suction and more than 10.000 ENT units are in daily use in hospital and doctor’s practice.

What distinguishes ATMOS?

A company, whichis still able to react flexible to customer’s requests and which will respond to the differing international market requirements.
Competent consultation by the ATMOS product advisor network world-wide.
First-class, fast service.

Product Information ENT (ear, nose and throat) diagnostics ENT Units Equipment for gynaecological investigation and diagnosis (Colposcopy) Microscopes

01.02.01 System for Image documentation

01.07.04 Rescue equipment and appliances Chest drains

01.08.01 Suction devices
ATMOS C 161 und Atmot C 261 13.08.2007

Im Fall der neuen ATMOS C 161 und ATMOS C 261 ganz sicher –
hier folgt die Form der Funktion: Kompakt und handlich, leistungsfähig und leicht zu bedienen.
Beim Umgang mit Körpersekreten werden hohe Anforderungen an Hygiene und Anwenderfreundlichkeit gestellt. ATMOS präsentiert mit den neuen Mo­dellen ATMOS C 161 und ATMOS C 261 die konsequente Weiterentwicklung der beiden bewährten Vor­­gängermodelle ATMOS LC 16 und Atmolit 26 – eine ganz neue Generation von Atemwegs-Absauggeräten.

Mehr Schutz durch dreifache Ăśbersaugsicherheit
Besonders die dreifache Über­saugsicherheit macht die neuen Modelle zur an­wenderfreundlichen und sicheren Alternative: Die moderne Filtertechnologie, der integrierte Überlaufschutz und das moderne Direkt-Docking-System DDS machen den ATMOS C 161 und den ATMOS C 261 zur ersten Wahl für den Pflege- und Klinikbereich.
Bisher bestand Unsicherheit, wenn es um die Verschlauchung ging – damit ist nun Schluss:

Mit der Einführung des innovativen ATMOS DDS entfällt die Schlauchverbindung zwischen Saugeinheit und Sekretbehälter: kein Schlauch, keine Probleme – einfach andocken!

Dieses Verfahren gewährleistet auch eine kostengünstige Aufbereitung, da Fehlfunktionen ausgeschlossen sind. Darüber hinaus wird statt des üblichen Oberflächenfilters ein Tiefenfilter eingesetzt, dessen innere Filteroberfläche mit >1 m2 um ein vielfaches größer als bei den bisherigen Bakterienfilterblättchen ist.

Mit den einzigartigen Features DDS, Ergonomie, Design und Preis des
ATMOS C 161 / ATMOS C 261 setzt ATMOS einen ganz neuen Leistungsstandard bei Atemwegs-Absauggeräten.

Die blaue, transluzente Abdeckung schützt die darunter liegenden Steuer-Elemente vor äußeren Einflüssen und Verschmutzung. Die Geräte selbst sind durch ihre großen Flächen leicht zu reinigen. Der ATMOS C 161 wurde speziell für den mobilen Pflegedienst und für die häusliche Pflege entworfen. Das kompakte Design steht für leichtes Handling und erhöht so die Mobilität.
Der ATMOS C 261 ist noch leistungsfähiger als der ATMOS C 161 und eignet sich besonders gut für zähe Sekrete. Eine Saugleistung von 26 ± 2 Litern pro Minute bei einem Vakuum von
-80 kPa / -600 mmHg lässt keine Wünsche offen!

ATMOS C 401 / C 361 13.08.2007

The ATMOS C 401 / C 361 – Ideal for the…

Surgical OP


With the help of the ATMOS DDS it has never been as easy and quick to disconnet the collection jar, filter and suction hose from the suction unit, sterilise and replace them.

The ATMOS C 401 / C 361

Saves an expensive training of the operating staff,

Increases the working speed of your team,

Rules out errors in hose connection,

Helps to save costs and time

ATMOS C 401 – The innovative solution:

The ATMOS C 401 illustrates its superior performance for every application in the surgical OP as a space-saving surgical aspirator with a small footprint. The high-performance suction pump is extremely quiet during operation and maintenance-free
Quicker build-up of vacuum and perceptibly lower noice emission due to stepless vacuum control without auxiliary air valve.

ATMOS C 361 – The cost-effective solution:

The ATMOS C 361 is available for aspiration procedures with low output requirements and has the following features:

Suction unit with min. 36 l/min, -91mbar max.

Adaptable to standard trolley with collection jars on standard rail without
ATMOS DDS system

Operation without foot switch

For innovative secretion management – The ATMOS C 401 mobile

The ATMOS C 401 with system trolley is the first mobile suction system that has the hoses between the unit and the collection jar built into the trolley. This also makes it possible to utilise the advantages of the ATMOS DDS in trolley operation.
In addition it is possible to select any two 2 ATMOS DDS collection jars (1.5 l, 3 l and 5 l) comfortably by means of a changeover lever. The slim design leaves you more space in the operating theatre.

ATMOS Record 55 13.08.2007

The new ATMOS Record 55 DDS is characterized by the powerful suction capacity and the high vacuum.
The reliable Direct Docking System for the quick exchange of the collection jar is now integrated in the ATMOS Record 55 DDS as well. The collection jar can easily be exchanged without interruption of operation. You will enjoy working with the new ATMOS Record 55 DDS!

Subcutaneous liposuction

The almost noiseless, maintenance-free pump is designed for continuous operation and reaches extremly high performance values.

And in addition the Record 55 DDS may be used for subcutaneous liposuction and in plastic and aesthetic surgery.


Standard delivery includes vacuumgauge, regulating valve and bacterial filter with hydrophobic attribute. Different suction instruments and curettes are optionally available as accessories.

ATMOS S 351 13.08.2007

In critical situations in the operating theatre, the reliability of all medical equipment and the ability of the surgical team to concentrate are key factors. Unnecessary noise must be avoided so that the team can focus on what’s really important.

High sensitivity is required when inserting cannulae intraoperatively into delicate tissue. In these situations the vacuum needs to be restricted, which in conventional systems results in insufficient suction.

ATMOS S 351 OT and Ward – Ideal for:

- Surgical operations
- Cardiovascular surgery
- Thoracic surgery
- Urology
- Therapeutic and post-operative wound drainage
- Gastric drainage

For the surgery the ATMOS S 351 OT and Ward is in demand because of the fine suction mode particularly with all interferences at vulnerable fabric, because if it accidentally adheres, it releases the vacuum automaticially till the sucked fabric is released.

ATMOS S 351 Natal 13.08.2007

ATMOS S 351 Natal – Completely unique: Conputer-assisted extraction cup birth

When there are complications in the final stages of birth, the use of a extraction cup is normally the best solution. And we don’t need to tell you that the delivery room is an extremely hectic place at these times.

Wouldn’t you like a suction device that performs its important functions automatically? Isn’t maximum safety based on a sensor-monitored vacuum better than an imprecise foot controller? And wouldn’t you rather be free to concentrate onwhat’s important.

Atmoport 13.08.2007


- Pendulum piston pump for high performance
- Independent of mains due to integrated battery
- High degree of safety due to mechanical overflow safety and water-repellent bacterial filter
- Easy handling due to handle bar and low weight
- Very compact dimensions
- Hygienic – all parts which may have contact with secretion can be autoclaved

Safe and easy operation:

The Atmoport is a mains-independent suction unit for extracting secretion and irrigation fluids. The Atmoport is particularly suitable for patients with tracheal cannulae who are not at home and have to extract mucus.
Due to the battery rechargeable in the set it is independent of mains electricity. When travelling by car the Atmoport set can also be connected to the 12 V supply of the cigarette lighter and operated by means of a separately available adapter cable.

Easy cleaning and maintenance:
The plastic collection jar attached to the side can easily be taken out from the holder for emptying. Collection jar, silicone lid and suction hoses can be cleaned in the dishwasher. All the parts mentioned can either be disinfected, sterilised in boiling water or autoclaved up to 136°C.

Travel accessories:
ATMOS provides for the Atmoport a carrying bag. This can hold the set, rinsing jar, catheter and suction hoses for use when away from home. The case is easy to carry by means of a carrying strap.

We also offer the following variations of Atmoport:

Atmoport S – The versatile solution in mobile use

For use in respiratory tract suction at home and the mobile use as well in stationary ward. Portable mains-inddependent trachea suction unit, with laterally fixed 1 l plastic collection jars, hydrophobic bacterial filter, inserted in the collection jar lid (and spare filter), suction hose 1.30 m, ø 6 mm, air-flow rate of pump 20 ± 2 l l/min, vacuum -76 kPa/570mmHg, battery operation time 25 min., charging period 1.5 hours, network charging device for 230 V/50 Hz, with vacuum regulator and vacuumgauge, without shoulder-bag.

Atmoport N – Most powerful compact suction unit for emergenccy treatment in the world

Portable mains-independent suction unit for emergency treatment, with laterally fixed 1 l plastic collection jar lid (and spare filter), vacuum control and vacuum indication, laterally fixed battery pack with charging control and battery capacity indication, car connecting cable for operation and charging via 12 V car network, suction hose 1.30 m, ø

6 mm, air-flow rate of pump 36 ± 2 l/min, vacuum – 79 kPa/600mmHg, battery operation time 45 min., charging period 2 hours, with shoulder-bag.

Atmosafe 13.08.2007

Why a smoke evacuation suction system?

It is no longer possible to imagine operating theatres that do not make extensive use of electrosurgical cutting and laser surgery.
Unfortunately, the unpleasant effects on patients and operating staff cannot be ignored either:

- Health risks due to toxic gases, harmful aerosols and human viruses
- a greatly obscured view in the operating field due to the formation of smoke
- unpleasant smells

No protection is afforded by:
- theatre air circulation
- operating masks
- thermal deactivation of the airbone visuses by lasers and high-frequency equipment…
- Laser and HF do not inactivate the air-carried viruses and prions.

Do you want safe protection during an operation for your staff and the patients?

Do you want to use your theatre smoke evacuation system effectively, without having to think about its operation?

Do you want an economic and reliable medical smoke evacuation system?

AtmoSafe – ideal for

- smoke evacuation in thermal surgery,
- dust extraction in dissection (oscillating saws)
- gas extraction, e.g. in orthopaedics (cement hardening)

International standards

The use of a smoke evacuation system to prevent damage to health is an international standard of the health and safety at work guidelines and is urgently recommended for your safety by:

NIOSH National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, USA
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration, USA
ANSI American International Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers in Health care Facilities
NBOSH National Board of Occupational Safety and Health, Sweden

The advantages which will convince you
No disturbing noises

The evacuation function is only turned on when needed ( automatic activation system )

Financial advantage due to the long service life of the ULPA filter

6 years warranty for the brush-free fan

Service life > 20 000 operating hours

Extra silent

Automatic shutdown in case of malfunction

Automatic drying of the filter surfaces

Environmentally compatible microbicidal filter

Flow-dependent filter monitoring

Very low cost

Automatic activation system (ISA)

The ATMOS LC 16 13.08.2007

The ATMOS LC 16:

Up-to-date equipment – easy to care for. The handy ATMOS LC 16 is particularly suited to suction procedures in the respiratory tract.

The ATMOS LC 16 is a perfect stationary suction unit for intensive care, in-patient and nursing homes due to its sturdy construction, rapid vacuum build-up, ease of operation and efficiency.

The Atmolit 26:

Powerful and reliable, a compact suction unit for particularly viscous materials.

Its high degree of reliability makes it outstanding for use in nursing homes and hospitals. The Atmolit 26 is excellent for use in simple surgery performed in the practice and pharyngeal aspiration due to its high capcity, safety and variability.

The fields of application of the ATMOS LC 16 and the Atmolit 26:

The high performance, the compact design and the high standard of quality and safety permit the application in a variety of medical areas as for example
- in home use for the care of the upper respiratory tract
- in hospital use on the ward
- in geriatrics and geriatric care
- in the intensive care and in the emergency area as immediate suction device
- in the out-patient department for smaller surgical operations
Reliability and safety:

An overflow safety and a hydrophobic bacterial filter in the collection jar lid prevent the ingress of secretion into the unit.
In addition, the bacterial filter prevents the contamination of the interior of the device.
The maintenance-free oscillation piston pump generates the required high vacuum.
The LC 16 and the Atmolit 26 differ in the performance of this unit (see technical specifications).

ZV 2 ZD 2 13.08.2007

ZV 2 – The mobile suction unit for central gas supply
The mobile suction unit that is to be connected to a central vacuum system consists of a stainless steel undercarriage and a control unit. This device is used to suck off body secretions and rinsing liquids in operating theaters and in nursing. The rail system of the undercarriage may be equipped with a 1.5 l, 3 l or 5 l collection jar respectively corresponding polysulphone jars.

The control unit includes a vacuum control with a vacuum display and an integrated stop valve. A 2 m connecting hose with a standard connecting plug is used to link this unit to the central vacuum system. A bacterial filter with hydrophobic attributes prevents system contamination.

ZD 2 – The mobile suction unit for central compressed air connection

The mobile suction unit for a central compressed air connection. Mobile suction unit in accordance with the above description. In this case, however, the vacuum is generated by a compressed-air ejector.

ZV1 ZD 1 13.08.2007

ZV 1 – Suction set for central vacuum connection
The portable suction system for connection to the central vacuum system may be used either as a table-top instrument or as a mounted device suspended on a rail system. It consists of a holder with vacuum control, vacuum display and integrated stop valve.

This suction unit is equipped with a 1.25 l rinsing jar and a 1.25 l collection jar made of plastic (TPX). The lid of the collection jar has an integrated mechanical overflow safety and a hydrophobic bacterial filter to prevent contamination of the control unit.

All hoses and parts both of rinsing and collection jar are autoclave-safe up to 136°C. A 1.5 m connecting hose with a standard connecting plug links the unit to the central vacuum system.

ZD 1 – Suction set for central compressed air supply system

Portable suction unit as described above but vauum is produced by a compressed air. Suction bottles Electric suction devices

01.08.02 Surgical instruments and products Instruments for ENT surgery Instruments and apparatus for cardiac and thoracic surgery

01.08.03 Electrosurgical instruments (HF) Equipment and accessories for high frequency surgery Radio surgical devices

01.08.04 Endoscopes and accessories Hysteroscopes and culdoscopes Laryngoscopes Nasal endoscopes Ear endoscopes Video endoscopes, CCD cameras

01.09.03 Furnishing / Equipment for examination and treatment rooms, intensive care units and wake up rooms ENT examination and operation chairs Examination chairs for gynaecology, urology, rectoscopy and cystoscopy

06.01 Archiving and documentation

06.01.06 Systems for medical documentation

06.02 Computer hardware for surgeries, hospitals and laboratories

06.02.01 VDUs, monitors, touchscreens, terminals

06.02.07 Laptops, notebooks, palmtops

06.02.09 PCs

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ASP Healthcare

17 Harris Street
2760 St. Mary’s
PO Box 540 St. Mary’s

Phone: 0061-2-9623-7677
Mobile: +61 (0) 401 050 542
Fax: 0061-2-9623-8297

Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Year of foundation 1981

Company Profile

About us

If you have been looking for a company with expertise in harm reduction, leading technical excellence, constant innovation, exposure to the latest manufacturing techniques, with competitive pricing and on time delivery every time then you will not have to look further than ASP Healthcare Pty Ltd.

ASP Healthcare Pty Ltd prides itself in customising solutions, to meet the needs of our various clients both domestically and internationally. ASP Healthcare Pty Ltd is leading the way in harm reduction by researching and developing new techniques in this field. An example of this can be seen in the newly developed FITSTICK Container which is helping to reduce the risks of needle stick injuries from discarded needles.

With over thirty years experience in the plastics industry we are widely recognised as not only being Solution Providers to complex manufacturing challenges but also as having some of the most modern manufacturing and control systems in the industry. ASP Healthcare specialises in harm reduction and as a result has experienced and knowledgeable staff in this area.

Over the past fifteen years ASP Healthcare has played a major role in designing products targeted at helping reduce the spread of blood borne viruses. Under the brand of FITPACK® Container we now have over one hundred different harm reduction products. ASP Healthcare was one of the first companies to develop harm reduction products and continues to lead the industry with innovative high quality products.
With the in-house ability to work with you from the initial design of your products, through to tool design, manufacture, combined with our committed staff and packing team, we can supply you with all your needle exchange needs.
ASP Healthcare Pty Ltd has many other bespoke products which can be ordered by request in addition to our personnel sharps containers. If you have an idea or concept related to harm reduction that you would like to explore further please give us a call and we can work towards providing you with new products.
ASP Healthcare products are providing solutions to the growing need for needle exchange and Harm Reduction packs, throughout Australia and overseas.

ASP Healthcare initially developed the FITPACK® Container which has sold over 60 million personal sharps bins world wide. The FITPACK® Container MK 2 is the only product in the world which meets the British Standard (BS 7320) and the Australian Standard (AS 4031). The FITPACK® Container DS-003Y is the only personal sharps container to be certified to both these standards.

Product Information
05.06 Disposable articles for hospitals

05.06.03 Disposable secretation containers
ASP Healthcare Sharps Containers 12.10.2007

ASP Healthcare manufactures a comprehensive range of both personal sharps containers, and larger clinical sharps containers designed for clinical settings. In addition to supplying containers ASP Healthcare also creates customised kits used in the Harm Reduction market and also the clinical market.
ASP Healthcare is one of the leading companies supplying high quality sharps container and in fact we are the only company which supplies a sharps container which is certified and manufactured to the British Standard (BS 7320) and Australian Standard (AS 4031).
For more information on our products and customised service please contact us directly.

DISPOSA-SAFE® 12.10.2007

This is a popular compact high quality injection moulded container complete with inegral moulded lid and handle. Equipped with patented syringe disposal flap and slider system. Provides storage for gloves and safe disposal information leaflet and space for used equipment. Superior impact, crush and needle penetration

DS-022 12.09.2007

FITPACK ® 3 Standard Terumo 27g

FITPACK ® 3 Container
1ml Syringe Terumo 27g

DS-023 12.09.2007

FITPACK ® 5 Standard Terumo 27g

FITPACK ® 5 Container
1ml Syringe BD 29g

DS-025 12.09.2007

FITPACK ® Mk 2 Container 5 x T 27g Basic

FITPACK ® MK 2 Container
1ml Syringe Terumo
5ml Water for injection
Pamphlet TGA

DS-026 12.10.2007

FITPACK ® Mk 2 Container 5 x T 27g Standard

FITPACK ® MK 2 Container
1ml Syringe Terumo
5ml Water for injection
Pamphlet TGA

DS-032 12.09.2007

FITPACK ® Mk 3 Container 5 x BD 27g Basic

FITPACK ® MK 3 Container
1ml Syringe BD 27g
5ml Water for injection
Pamphlet TGA

DS-033 12.09.2007

FITPACK ® Mk 3 Container 5 x BD 29g Basic

FITPACK ® MK 3 Container
1ml Syringe BD 29g
5ml Water for injection
Pamphlet TGA

DS-034 12.09.2007

FITPACK ® Mk 3 Container 5 x T 27g Basic

FITPACK ® MK 3 Container
1ml Syringe Terumo 27g
5ml Water for injection
Pamphlet TGA

FITTANK™ 12.10.2007

This container is a compact high quality blow moulded disposal bin with injection moulded snap top lid and integrated locking tab. Superior impact, crush and needle penetration resistance. Convenient and and ideal for volume sharps disposal. This container is is commonly used in community sharps facilities and public areas.

FITTUBE™ 12.10.2007

A Compact high quality all-purpose injection moulded container. The FITTUBE™ Container Mini will hold up to 10 x 1ml syringes, used for disposal only. Superior impact, crush and needle penetration resistance. Convenient cylindrical shape ideal for discrete remote use.

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Aso Europe B.V.

Bijsterhuizen 1160E
6546 AS Nijmegen

Phone: (+31-24)3435480
Fax: (+31-24)3435488

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Marc Kroese Bijsterhuizen 12-51, 6546 AV Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Tel. +31 24 3435485

Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Year of foundation 1950
Area of business Facility Management

Language: German Language: English Company Profile

First Aid Products Manufacturer-bandages,wound care,tapes
The Aso Group is a worldwide leader in private label manufacturing of first aid plasters and other woundcare products. 4 production facilities, with a global coverage. Superior products, strategic planning and full commitment to our customers.
Product Information
05.02 Universal medical commodities
Basic Value Bandages 06.11.2007

Decorated Bandages 06.11.2007

Premium Coverage Bandages 06.11.2007

05.02.04 Eye patches

05.02.05 Bandages

05.02.18 Sterile compresses

05.06 Disposable articles for hospitals

05.06.04 Non-woven disposable products

05.07 Disposable articles for laboratories

05.07.01 Disposable material for the laboratory (universal)

05.14 Bandage materials

05.14.01 Bandages

05.14.02 Elastic bandages

05.14.05 Plasters

05.14.07 Other bandages, dressings and accessories

05.15 Dressings for wounds

05.15.02 Wound covering / skin substitutes

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Agaplastic Ind. Com. Ltda.

Rua Cuba, 353
21020-160 Rio de Janeiro

Phone: (+55-21)2573-0969
Fax: (+55-21)2573-2336

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

AGAPLASTIC Rua Cuba, 353 – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil, 21020-160, Phone: (5521) 2573-0969, Fax: (5521) 2573-2336



Specialized in disposable products for medical use.

05.03 Doctors’ cases, emergency cases

05.06 Disposable articles for hospitals
Tic-TongTM Standard Model

For medical use to facilitate the exam of the throat and adjacent organs, done in non toxic plastic, colored in blue, yellow, red, green, orange and pink. Product not sterilized, aromatic and flavored artificially with tutti-frutti or strawberry. Individual packing and wrapped in plastic packs from 25 to 40 units, one color each bag . Patented . Made in Brazil

:: Standard Model Regular Size: 125 x 18 mm

:: Standard Model Junior Size: 120 x 17 mm

05.07 Disposable articles for laboratories

05.07.04 Non-woven laboratory material

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Afri Medical Egypt

13, Obour Buildings, Salah Salem St.
215 Heliopolis, Cairo

Phone: (+20-2)22606015
Fax: (+20-2)22615600

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Amin Hagar / Managing Director 10th Of Ramadan City – Egypt

Ramy El Far / Export Department 10th Of Ramadan City – Egypt

Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 1984
Area of business Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

Company Profile

Afri Medical Egypt
We are a leading Egyptian manufacturer & exporter of medical consumable products field since 1984.
The company owns & operates a facility in 10th of Ramadan City – Egypt, where total number of employees & workers are around 300 person.
As a result for our efforts, we were awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, EN 46002 & European Council Directive 93/42/EEC, also, we were warranted the right to affix the CE mark on our products since 1996.
We have a wide range of distinguished disposable products, such as;
Orthopaedic Products:
(Plaster of Paris bandages – Synthetic Casting – Orthopaedic underpadding – Elastic Adhesive bandages)
Surgical Products:
(Silk adhesive plasters – Urine Collection Bags, Alcohol Swabs, Sterile Surgical Dressing – I.V. Cannula – Capsicum Plaster)
Dialysis Products:
(Hollow fibers Dialyzers, Haemodialysis Blood Lines, Fistula Needle Sets, Drainage Bags.)

Product Information
01.03.01 Dialysis equipment

Blood Tubing Sets for Hemodialysis

Link to further Information

Drainage Bag

Our Annual Capacity is: 24 Million Bags.

2 Liter.
3 Liter.

(Folded ? Unfolded ? With Components ? Without Components ? ETO Sterile ? Non Sterile ? Gamma Sterilizable)

For Drainage Bags, Please contact our distributor in Europe:

Company: KABO.
Contact Person: Mr. Bruno Boschi.
Address: Via Partigiani d’Italia, 36 ? 43029 Traversetolo (PR) ? Italy
Tel: +39 052 134 21 30.
Fax: +39 052 134 21 28.
E-mail: or
Web Site:

Link to further Information

Extension Line

Link to further Information

Fistula Needle

Link to further Information

Hemodialysis Kit (Dialyzer – Bloodline & Fistula Needle)

Hemodialysis Dialyzer: We produce 2 types of dialyzers (Hemophan – Polyethersulphone)

Bloodlne Set: Arterial & Venous Lines (Set or individually packed) all types and models that fit with each machine type.

Fisula Needle: Twin & Single Pack – with rotating back eye.

All the kit is EtO sterilized in our inhouse sterilizer.

IV Cannula

Infusion Set

Synflo Hemodialysis Dialyzer

Synthetically Modified Cellulose

Transfusion Set Haemodialysis equipment and accessories

05.02 Universal medical commodities

05.02.11 Enema and irrigation equipment

05.10 Incontinence and stoma aids

05.10.16 Urine bags
Urine Bags

05.14 Bandage materials

05.14.01 Bandages

05.14.02 Elastic bandages

05.14.03 Plaster of Paris bandages

05.14.05 Plasters

05.14.07 Other bandages, dressings and accessories

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Advanced Microdevices Pvt. Ltd.

21, Industrial Area
133 006 Ambala Cantt

Phone: (+91-171)2699290
Fax: (+91-171)2699221

Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Year of foundation 1976
Area of business Diagnostics

Company Profile

Company Profile
Established in 1976 Advanced Microdevices (mdi) is a medium size company of 150 employees dedicated to research, development, and production of microporous membranes. It is part of a group of companies with diverse interests.

From 1976-1980 Mr. Nalini Kant Gupta conducted unlimited experiments to develop a successful process for NC membrane filter production from scratch. In 1991 this technology was harnessed to produce membranes for rapid assays.

Over the years, production has moved to automatic continuous roll production. The in-house development of machines for casting of continuous rolls and ‘Special mdi processes’ has resulted in production of NC membrane which are extraordinarily consistent resulting in high growth rate.

With 10 postgraduates and 20 graduates, a current constructed area of 7000 sq.m. mdi is well equipped for large productions. mdi produces thousands of sq.ft. membrane per day and has a capacity to produce more. The products are exported to over 35 countries worldwide. The current facility includes a brand new Administration and R&D block along with a fully equipped customer lab to provide customers with hands-on experience in the use of membrane for making one step assays.

Unique interdisciplinary expertise in membranes, electronics, and engineering allows rapid development and prototyping. With a strong R&D base mdi supports customers by developing new products to meet their special requirements.

High-quality products exceeding the specifications normally accepted in the industry.

Product Information
02.05 Filtration systems
Capsule Filtration System for Pharmaceuticals and Biological

mdi capsule filtration system for pharmaceuticals and biologicals is a compact, clean, and faster alternative to conventional vacuum or pressure filtration systems using disc filters. It is especially useful for difficult to filter solutions such as serum and other biologicals.

Capsule Filtration System for Solvents

mdi capsule filtration system for solvents is ideal for pharmaceutical process development labs and for analytical labs required relatively larger volume of particle free high purity solvents.

Nylon-66 Disc filters Type – HNN

HNN Membrane Disc Filters are Hydrophilic, non-media migrating, biologically inert, plain white absolute membrane filters useful for aqueous as well as organic solvent filtration.

Nylon-66 Membrane Capsule Filters

Nylon-66 Membrane Capsule Filters

mdi 1″ Capsule filters type DNL employ Nylon-66 membranes for wide chemical compatibility. These large area filtration devices ideal for large volume (5 -20 liter) filtrations such as mobile phase filtration for preparative HPLC and for large labs with many HPLC systems.

PTFE Inline Filter – ITF 37

mdi 37mm disposable PTFE inline filters are compact devices to suit a multitude of applications in life sciences research, bio-pharmaceuticals and healthcare. These devices are validated and assured for quality to ensure superior performance.

Vacufil-S: Pre-Sterilized Bottle Top Vacuum Filters (with P

mdi Pre-sterilized Bottle Top Vacuum Filtration units with an extra large 75mm diameter, low protein binding Polyethersulfone membrane along with a specially designed pre-filter are the best option for filtration of biologicals like sera and culture media, and other proteinaceous solutions.

Vacufil filters have a hydrophobic filter in the vacuum arm to prevent passage of filtrate to the pump. These filters screw perfectly on to vacuum safe bottles with 45mm neck size.

02.05.01 Filters made of other material
Disposable Membrane Syringe Filters

mdi syringe filters offer absolute retention, wide chemical compatibility, and extremely low extractables. No adhesives are used in manufacture of these filters ensuring ‘no leaching’.

Inline Vent Filters

mdi disposable gas filter is a convenient pre-fabricated device used for inline sterilization of Gases and as a bacterial Air vent in various pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes.

Polyethersulfone Membrane Capsule Filters

mdi 1″ Capsule filters are self contained, ready to use disposable filtration devices that contain a mini cartridge filter element sealed inside a polypropylene housing. The special design assures highest packing density of the membrane per unit volume resulting in a very compact capsule offering long service life.

Pre-sterilized Polyethersulphone Membrane Syringe Filters

SYPN-S Pre-sterilized syringe filters are available in pore size of 0.2µm and 0.45µm and several diameters to suit various applications for filtration in the laboratory.

02.05.02 Plastic filters (cellulose acetate)

02.05.03 Paper filters

02.05.04 Filter devices

02.05.05 Accessories for filtration
IPT 50mm PES Filters with In-Built Vent

mdi disposable IPT filters are compact devices with a unique design, incarporating high rate, high throughput, low protein binding polyethersulfone membrane with a special inbuilt PTFE vent to ensure unique performance advantages in a multitude of applications in life sciences research, biopharmaceuticals and healthcare. The IPT filters are validate and assured for quality to ensure superior performance.

03.01.07 Gene tests/molecular biological diagnostic Purification of nuclein acids

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Adroit Mfg. Co.

Veer Savarkar Marg.
400 025 Mumbai

Phone: (+91-22)24226796
Fax: (+91-22)24309831

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Ajay K. Jhaveri Tel: 91-22-2422 6796, Fax: 91-22-2430 9831

Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume < 1 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1982
Area of business Components, Parts, Original Equipment Manufacturers

Company Profile

Welcome to Adroit

For three decades now, Adroit has been manufacturing top quality Needles, Trocars, Stylets and Wires as well as Plastic Components. Our 10,000 sq.ft. factory with Clean Room Facilities ensures premium products and highest levels of sterility everytime.

Adroit, being an ISO compliant company, assures products that are a cut above the rest. All products undergo stringent quality control checks right from raw material to the final stage, wherein they are packed in GMP conditions. Thanks to strong R&D support we enjoy the challenge of Design Consultation and developing our products as per customer specifications. Further, smaller sampling of Prototype Quantities means quicker trial runs.

All this results in short lead time in Volume Production and quick turnaround capabilities. Making us meet both customer requirements and deadlines satisfactorily.

Today, with satisfied customers both in Europe & USA, Adroit has become synonymous with High Quality – Low Cost production. All our products are 100% visually inspected and chemical & dimensional reports are produced with every lot.

Product Information
03.11 Cannulae

03.26 Dental products

03.50.03 Needles, biopsy
Biopsy Needles

Available Size – 14G, 16G & 18G

Cannula 105mm x Stylet 170mm

Cannula 145mm x Stylet 210mm

Cannula 180mm x Stylet 245mm

OEM manufacture according to your specifications and in your specified material

03.50.05 Needles, custom
Redon Needles

These High Quality Trocars with extremely sharp bevel for minimal trauma (causing less damage of the tissue) during insertion and bendable to meet operational requirements are available in stock.

03.50.07 Needles, ophthalmic
Opthalmic Cannulas / Tubes :

OEM manufacture according to your specifications and in your specified material

03.68 Surgical instruments

12.32 Machining

12.40 Stainless steel polishing

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