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About us

Let me briefly introduce NEBOTRADE Ltd. an innovative developer and manufacturer of dry culture media and ready-to-use media.

The company started its activity in 1993 and established its manufacturing capacity in 1996. In 1999 we have set up a new facility that enables us to produce up to 200.000 kg total yearly quantity of culture media, with a batch capacity of 25-5000 kg. Our product portfolio consists of over 200 different products. In addition we are in the position to manufacture any cell culture according to special demands of our customers. We also produce media for the pharma industry thanks to our highly skilled technical staff.

As a high-end supplier we support our distributors with the most sophisticated online tools on our newly designed website:

The available Visual QC enables you to show your customers

online and visually our culture media microbiological peformance from batch-to-batch,
online downloads of Certificate of Analysis of the requiered batch,
online product information in our web-catalogue.

Further we developed a wide range of the most modern culture media tools, the chromogenic agars. We have now ready for the Candida differentiation CANDICOLOR, for urinary tract infections the URICOLOR, for differentiation of E.coli and Coliforms the COLICOLOR, for the Methycillin resisntance S. aureus the STAPHYCOLOR and for Salmonella identification the SALMOCOLOR.

Our manufacturing and R&D facilities, located in Budapest/Hungary, fulfill the highest quality control criteria: batch-to-batch raw material testing with unique HTS testing method, in addition to the usual end-product testing with ATCC strains according to the EU standards and the NCCLS.

In 2004 we have set up a ready to use culture media manufacturing facility using the latest state-of-art pouring machine.

As a supplier of microbiological media we want to provide our customers with a consistently high quality culture media at the best possible price. We are fully certified by ISO9001:2000 and we have CE registration for our whole range of products.

We write to you now to invite you to test the wide selection of our products becoming well-known under the brandname of Micromedia. Over the past 10 years Micromedia products have been successfully competing in 15 countries all around the world.

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