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Vertretungsberechtigte Geschäftsführer Herr Frank Meyer, Herr Karl-Heinz Bösche, Herr Dieter Müller:, MEYRA-ORTOPEDIA Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Meyra-Ring 2, D-32689 Kalletal-Kalldorf, Telefon: 49 5733 / 922 – 0, Telefax: 49 5733 / 922 – 143

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MEYRA is strongly positioned as one of the world”s best-known and most successful manufacturers of wheelchairs and rehabilitation aids. The name MEYRA stands for more than “merely” wheelchairs – it represents a philosophy. Today the enterprise can build upon a long tradition established over many decades, its vast experience as well as its international network of branches and renowned customer base.

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04.13 Wheelchairs
Children Wheelchairs 24.09.2007

Mobility means learning by movement and is an elemental basic need and an important therapeutic aspect in the treatment of physically handicapped children and youngsters. Motivation for independent activity and the pleasure of movement influence the sensomotoric and psychosocial development. Provision with a wheelchair at an early stage, and the mobility it offers, enable the child to deal with the social surroundings, leading to independence and autonomy.Motivation to learn, to explore the environment and collect new experiences are important steps for the development of the personality of children and youngsters.


As quality standards were defined and established for aid equipment, a lightweight wheelchair was technically a standard wheelchairr but with reduced weight .

Moreover, the differences between standard and active wheelchairs are disappearing – particularly with the active wheelchair. The range of lightweight wheelchairs varies from a standard type with aluminium components to reduce weight, all the way to adaptable active models with a whole variety of adjustments.

Equipment features:

folding frame
two large rear wheels
two small steering wheels in front
removable and interchangeable arm rests and aluminium foot rests
fabric seat and back covers, including upholstered, depending on the model
driven by grip tires or by escort


We have a responsibility toward the people whose trust we have savoured for years. This trust spans through generations. That is why we develop special care wheelchairs of highest quality and with optimal operation features.

Our products help and motivate handicapped and ill people in everyday life and in the care sector. We also take the relief of the care personnel into consideration: Adjustment of the sitting position is simple, the mechanism easy to handle. Optimal weight distribution makes the wheelchair flexible and agile.

Flexibility does not only mean getting from one spot to the other. Finding the correct adjustment to different situations in order to feel comfortable at all times is important

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04.13.02 Pillows for wheelchairs

04.13.03 Powered wheelchairs

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