MediSoft S.A.

PAE de Sorinnes, 1, route de la voie cuivrée
5503 Sorinnes

Phone: (+32-82)223020
Fax: (+32-82)223334

Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Year of foundation 1977
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology


Company Profile

About Us…
MediSoft ( Medical Instrument and Software ) pionneer in the using of Personal Computer solutions for PFT applications. The company was founded in 1977 by its current president, Guy Martinot.

The company starts by developing and producing medical devices for the measurement of total long resistance, followed with an interface and software development for the automation of breathing apparatus; especially for the existing devices on the Belgian and French markets.

• 1984 Production and distribution of a range of PC automated PFT devices
• 1987 Launch of the first total body plethysmograph and investment in a 1.000 m2 building.
• 1993 New technical success with the new range of products, consisting of very compact modules and tailor-made assembly solutions
• 1996 New software under Windows; conquest of new markets such as Italy, UK, and strengthening of its position in France
• 1998 New workspace building and purchase of high technology production tools
• 2001 Introduction in the Canadian and American markets
• 2002 Activity transfer in the brand new and highly modern factory of 2.500 m2; Starting distribution on the Asian market through Hong – Kong (MediSoft China).

With a staff of 130 employees, MediSoft realizes a turnover of more than 14 B. euro and develops several unique technologies : NEP-DLCO-NO

Its R&D team consists of 14 engineers who have among other things, developed an infra-red spectrometer and an electro-cardiograph 12 derivations with mesurement and analyses.

In 2003, MediSoft company develops, produces and distributes in more than 20 countries the largest and most complete range of devices for functional cardio-pulmonary exploration.

Product Information Blood flow measurement equipment Plethysmography units including rheography Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories

01.04.02 Respiration equipment