Gabler Medical (UK) Ltd

Warden House, 37 Manor Road
CO3 3LX Colchester, Essex
Great Britain

Phone: (+44-1206)576864
Fax: (+44-1206)768680

Company Profile

About us

The Company History

Founded in 1963 by Mr Alfred Josef Gabler, a German instrument maker, the Gabler Medical group has for many years enjoyed a reputation as a market leader in the field of suction and therapy equipment.

Building on this reputation the company has expanded its manufacturing capability to include a comprehensive range of electric and pipeline suction equipment, flowmeters and regulators and a wide range of equipment mounting systems.

In 1995 the group further expanded its operations by entering into the single use medical devices field. In the year 2000 a plant was set up to manufacture the Scimitar range of surgical sutures.

Product Information
Oxygen equipment
Oxygenation equipment
Suction devices

Portable Electric High Vacuum Suction unit with one collection jar. Maximum vacuum: -83 kPa (625 mmHg). Suction capacity: 26l/min.


Portable Electric High Vacuum Suction unit with one collection jar. Maximum vacuum: -78 kPa (587 mmHg). Suction capacity: 20l/min.


Portable Electric High Vacuum Suction Unit with two collection jars. Maximum vacuum: -83 kPa (625 mmHg). Suction capacity: 26l/min.


Mobile Electric High Vacuum Suction unit with two collection jars. Maximum vacuum: -84 kPa (632 mmHg). Suction capacity: 45l/min.


Portable Electric Obstetric Vacuum Extractor with one collection jar. Maximum vacuum: -83 kPa (625 mmHg). Suction capacity: 26l/min.


Portable Emergency Battery/Mains High Vacuum Suction unit with one collection jar. Maximum vacuum: -80 kPa (602 mmHg). Suction capacity: 26l/min.


Portable Electric High Vacuum Suction unit with one collection jar. Maximum vacuum:
83 kPa (625 mmHg). Suction capacity:


Portable Electric High Vacuum Suction Unit with two collection jars. Maximum vacuum: -83 kPa (625 mmHg). Suction capacity: 26l/min.


Portable Electric Low Vacuum Suction Unit with one collection jar. Maximum vacuum: -20 kPa (151 mmHg). Suction capacity: 4l/min.


Mobile Electric High Vacuum Suction unit with two collection jars. Maximum vacuum: -84 kPa (632 mmHg). Suction capacity: 45l/min.

Manual suction devices
Suction bottles
Pressure driven suction devices
Electric suction devices
Surgical instruments and products
Surgical needles
Surgical suture materials

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GA Generic Assays GmbH

Ludwig-Erhard-Ring 3
15827 Dahlewitz

Phone: 0049-33708-92-860
Fax: +49-33708-92-8650

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

CEO Dr. Dirk Roggenbuck GA Generic Assays GmbH, Ludwig Erhard Ring 3, 15827 Dahlewitz

Marketing/Produktmanagement Dr. Boris Radau GA Generic Assays GmbH, Ludwig Erhard Ring 3, 15827 Dahlewitz

Produktmanagement Thomas Büttner GA Generic Assays GmbH, Ludwig Erhard Ring 3, 15827 Dahlewitz

Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 2002
Area of business Diagnostics

GA – Your innovative partner in autoimmune diagnostics
GA Generic Assays GmbH (GA) was founded in 2002 as a private independent company registered in Dahlewitz south of Berlin. GA is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2003. The company develops manufactures and markets detection systems for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) in the field of differential diagnosis of autoimmune diseases based on diagnostically relevant parameters that can be defined as qualitative and quantitative tests (ELISA, dot blot, immunofluorescence and latex).
The GA product range also includes pathogen diagnostics in serum, plasma and stool, direct pathogen detection (PCR and LINA), mutation analyses and rapid tests.
All assays are designed for automated processing.
Generic Assays is a project partner in the development of new and advanced IVD as part of the „Diagnostic Network Berlin-Brandenburg“ and „Multiplex“ networks.
The company is committed to providing products and product solutions that meet the high quality requirements of the present and future diagnostic markets.

Product Information
Auto-immune diseases
Diagnostics / kits for the gastro enterology
Diagnostics / kits for the thyroid gland analyses
Immuno assay systems
Enzyme immunoassay (EIA, ELISA, EMIT)
Heterogenous enzyme immunoassay (ELISA)
Immunoblots / dotblots
Microparticles Polystyrene, dyed and magnetic

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g.tec Guger Technologies OEG

Herbersteinstraße 60
8020 Graz

Phone: (+43-7251)22240
Fax: (+43-7251)2224039

Welcome to the biomedical engineering world of g.tec!

Discover the only professional biomedical signal processing platform under MATLAB and Simulink.
Your ingenuity finds the appropriate tools in the g.tec elements and systems.

Choose and combine flexibly the elements for biosignal amplification, signal processing and stimulation to perform even real-time feedback.

Our team is prepared to find the better solution for your needs.
Take advantage of our experience!

Dr. Christoph Guger Dr. Günter Edlinger

g.tec is the only global producer of biosignal analyses modules under MATLAB and Simulink

reduce project costs
accelerate your research
open new scientific fields
encourage creativity with rapid prototyping
install a modular system

g.tec – GUGER Technologies OEG is powered by

SFG РSteirische Wirtschaftsf̦rderung
FFF РForschungsf̦rderungsfonds der gewerblichen Wirtschaft
BMBWK- Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur

Product Information

g.USBamp – g.tec’s latest 24 bit biosignal acquisition device – is the perfect tool for recording multimodal biosignal data with highest quality. This allows to investigate brain-, heart-, muscle-activity, eye movement, respiration, galvanic skin response and other body signals.

g.USBamp is USB 2.0 enabled and comes with 16 simultaneous sampled biosignal channels. A total of 4 independent grounds guarantee no interference between the recorded signals.

The amplifier is simply connected to the USB socket on your PC/notebook and can immediately be used for data recording.

Build a multi-channel system with more than 16 channels using multiple g.USBamp devices. A synchronization cable guarantees that all devices are sampling with exactly the same frequency.

The amplifier has an input range of ± 250 mV, which allows to record DC signals without saturation.

Digital inputs and outputs allow the recording of trigger channels together with the biosignal channels and to pass analysis results to the outside world.

A short-cut input allows to connect the amplifier inputs fastly to ground potential to protect the amplifier against overflows occuring e.g. in operating rooms with gamma knifes.


CE certified medical device for use in humans according to medical normative EN 60601-1 (IEC 60601-1)

EEG, ECoG, ECG, EMG and EOG recording via USB

16 analog inputs with 24 Bit and a sampling frequency of up to 38.400 Hz per channel

Digital filtering of the biosignal data (DC – 2.4 kHz)

Over-sampling to achieve a high signal to noise ratio

Simultaneous sample and hold for all channels

Direct connection of electrodes with standard safety connectors or system conectors for a very fast electrode application

can be used for recordings directly on the brain (ECoG) – CF-System

FDA approved for the USA

Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories
Electrocardiographs and analysers
Long-term ECG recording and evaluation equipment
Long-term ECG computers

g.MOBIlab – multi-purpose biosignal acquisition

g.MOBIlab – g.tec’s portable biosignal acquisition and analysis system – is the perfect tool for recording multimodal biosignal data on a standard Pocket PC, PC or notebook. This allows to investigate brain-, heart-, muscle-activity, eye movement, respiration, galvanic skin response, pulse and other body signals.

g.MOBIlab comes with 4 EEG/EOG, 2 ECG/EMG channels and 2 analog inputs which can be utilized for other sensors and 4 digital channels. A switch can be connected for external triggering of the data.

Optionally the device can also be equipped with 8 monopolar EEG channels and 4 digital channels.

g.MOBIlab is fully battery supplied and operates up to 170 hours (i.e. about 1 week). The device works with a standard serial interface or USB interface of your computer.

g.MOBIlab now provides two additional features improving the system’s mobility and opening new fields of application.

Wireless data transfer to your Pocket PC, notebook or desktop PC with Bluetooth “class I” technology. Monitor biosignals under every imaginable experimental condition.

Use g.MOBIlab+ as a powerful biosignal data logger. After visually checking data quality on the screen, the device can be disconnected from the computer and data are stored on a flash memory card with up to 2 GB space.

Stress test systems
Tele-cardiology and tele-respiratory monitoring and diagnosis
Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations
EEG Monitoring and recording equipment
Premature baby monitoring equipment / fetal monitoring
Patient monitors
Monitoring equipment for displaying heart rate, respiratory rate and ECG

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G.T. Calze S.r.l.

Via Walter Tobagi, 17/19/21
46040 Casaloldo / MN

Phone: (+39-0376)780686
Fax: (+39-0376)781643
Product Information

Neonatal care equipment
Compression therapy equipment


Line in Soft Microfibre. The main characteristic of this line is the soft Microfibre used in production and guaranteeing an exceptional comfort and warmth. Products made in 2 categories of compression, 70 and 140 den.

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G. Samaras S.A.

P.O. Box 6 01 78
570 01 Thermi, Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30-2310)463388
Fax: (+30-2310)464570

Company Profile

About us
G.SAMARAS S.A. medical gas systems has been going on its activities since 1968.

Factory, offices and warehouse are in owned building 3.600 m2 located at the industrial area of Thermi – Thessaloniki Greece.
Our skilled personnel consist of electrical and mechanical engineers, graduated welders and electricians.

The company activates in the construction section on specific installations (medical gases) at hospitals and generally at medical units.

Activation Sections
Central medical gas installations
Production of ward bed head units
Production of intensive care – bed head units.
Production of equipment for intensive care and operating theatres

Product Information
Gas and compressed air systems

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G.S.T. Corporation

B13 Okhla Industrial Area, Ph-II
110 020 New Delhi

Phone: (+91-11)41020000
Fax: (+91-11)41021000

Company Figures
Number of employees 500-999
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1959
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Laboratory Equipment


Company Profile

Company Profile
It was in the year 1959 that GST CORPORATION made its humble beginning as a dealer of surgical, medical and scientific equipment under the able guidance of Shri R.N. Grover. With the passage of time and its commitment to quality, it began to make its presence felt not just in the domestic market but also in the overseas. The year 1982 saw the commencement of its manufacturing activities and GST CORPORATION has never looked back since.

By procuring raw material of high quality and adhering to strict quality norms the company is now a well-known name in the market of laryngoscopes (Conventional & FIBRE OPTICS), stethoscopes, Air Cushions, Kelly Douch Pads, Ice Bags, Breast Pumps, Asepto/Infant Syringes, Dissecting sets, B.P. Bulbs and ECG Electrodes, all of which form its range of medical equipment. Similarly, products such as Slotted weights, Pendulums, Bunsen burners, Retort stands, Burner bases comprise its range of scientific equipment available to the world markets. Supported by a sound and high quality vendor profile, GST CORPORATION is also now a reputed name in the market of Suture Needles, Microscopes, Resuscitator Bags, Autoclaves, Suction Apparatus, Vacuum Extractor, ORTHOPEDIC implants, Orthotic aids, etc. The company is regularly exporting to USA, Canada, E.U. countries, Middle East Africa, South East Asia, Far East Asian and Latin American countries and has an active customer base of nearly 300 buyers worldwide.

What makes GST an attractive option to its buyers is its ability to provide a vast range of (nearly 2000) products at most competitive prices under one roof, resulting in considerable saving of precious time and money to the buyer, as the buyer does not have to procure his varied requirement from various suppliers in the international market. This, to the buyer means a saving in logistics, organisational, administrative and banking costs. Equally importantly, he does not need to worry about the quality of the merchandise he is buying .

In its sustained endeavour to constantly upgrade its technology and achieve higher levels of quality, GST Corporation is an ISO 9002 certified company and some of its products are CE marked. However, since GST CORPORATION does not believe in resting on its laurels, it participates in almost every major Trade Fair and Exhibition on all the continents, just to keep abreast with the latest developments and innovations in its field of medical, surgical and scientific equipments and also to gain a deeper understanding of its buyers’ needs. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. R.N.Grover and the able support of his next generation together with a team of professionals who are progressively expanding and diversifying the company’s business, GST CORPORATION is poised for a quantum leap forward.

Product Information
Percussion hammers, reflex hammers
300mA_ 125KVP X-Ray Generators

Leg Traction Brace

Description: Offers easy, convenient and non invasive solution for leg tractions. Made from breathable PUF fused fabric. Velcro closure help in controlled compression and quick application.

Percussion Hammer Neurological

Implants and protheses
Orthotic devices for arms, fitted parts and accessories
Orthotic devices for necks
Orthotic devices for feet, artificial feet
Orthotic devices for hands
Orthotic devices for hips
Orthopaedic implants and prostheses
Infusion technology equipment
Blood transfusion equipment, systems and accessories
Three way taps
Feeding tubes
Flow controll sets
Infusion devices
Infusion accessoires
Injection syringes
Canulae (hollow needles)
Rescue equipment and appliances
Rebreathing bags
Respiration masks
First aid bandages
Emergency instruments Chest drains
Suction devices


Manual suction devices
Suction bottles
Pressure driven suction devices
Electric suction devices
Suction and irrigation tubings
Surgical instruments and products
Blood barring devices
Drills, hand drills
Surgical disposable instruments
Other general surgical instruments and equipment
Surgical plastic and rubber articles
Flat and concave chisels
Plaster saws and shears (including electrical)
Implantable catheters and long-term access systems (portsystems)
Instruments for bone surgery, fracture treatment and repair
Instruments for accident surgery, orthopaedics and rehabilitation surgery


bone burs
Bone nails, screws and plates
Bone files and raps
bone saws
Bone raps, elevators, dissectors
Silicone capillary drains
Scalpels and accessories
Wound drainage und redon instruments
Endoscopes and accessories
Laboratory items
Laboratory items made of glass
Laboratory items made of plastic
Laboratory items made of metal
Laboratory items made of metal
Laboratories microscopes
Hernia trusses
Foot bandages, foot cushions, toe spreads
Joint bandages

Cervical Traction Kit

Description: Complete equipment for cervical tractions in sitting or sleeping postures. Contains traction pulley, spreader bar, head halter and traction cord.
Hip protectors
Hip Prosthesis


Compression and support stockings and tights
Abdominal binders
Back support aids, support bandages and corsets
Tourniquet (such as the rubber bands used when drawing blood)
Tourniquet (cloth or gauze)
Disposable articles for laboratories
Disposable material for the laboratory (universal)
Disposable laboratory material made of glass (slides, capillary tubes, pipettes)
Disposable laboratory material made of plastic
Non-woven laboratory material
Disposable articles for surgeries

ECG Electrode


Surgical Blades

aramount Surgimed is a manufacturer / producer and exporter for all kinds of quality stainless steel surgical blades and carbon steel surgical blades based in New Delhi, India.

It is also known as Lames de bistouri, Hojas de bisturí, Lame da bisturi in french

Surgical blades are available in Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. Each blade is protected by VCI paper in a peel-open foil sachet. It is sterilized by Gamma Radiation of 2.5 M Rads.

For Fitment No. 3, 3L, 7, 9
Blades No. 9 10 10A 11 11K 12 14 15 15B 15C 15S 16

For Fitment No. 4, 4L, 6
Blades No. 18 20 21 22 23 24 25

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G.S.G. Robotix S.r.l.

Via Giacomo Matteotti, 66
20092 Cinisello Balsamo / MI

Phone: (+39-02)6128842
Fax: (+39-02)6178583

Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 1979
Area of business Laboratory Equipment

Company Profile

Liquid and analytical method automation
GSG was founded in 1979 in Milan Italy. The goal was, and is, to develop, produce and market, innovative robotic systems for analytical applications.
The present product line include PC-controlled robotic instrumentation for the laboratory automation market, specifically for applications in Clinical and Veterinary Diagnostics labs.
GSG RobotiX have now available a complete range of new Robotic Liquid Handler platform adapted for
the automation of Blood group determinations with microplate and gel cards and for ELISA and IFA methods.

Product Information
02.01 Analyser appliances

Analyzing system for immuno assays such as RIA, IRMA, RAST, DOUBLE RIA, etc. . Expandable with NaI detector for nuclear medicine radioisotopes.

Automatic pipetting and diluting station with automatic sample recognition
Pipetting devices for microtiter plates
Immuno assay systems
Enzyme immunoassay (EIA, ELISA, EMIT)
Immunohaematology (Blood grouping)
Fully automatic units and systems for immunohaematology
Equipment and systems for microbiological diagnosis/virology

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G&M Tech Inc.

2F,#327-7, Dangjeongdong,
435-832 Gunpo-City
Korea (Rep.)

Phone: 0082-31-459-8221
Fax: 0082-31-459-8611

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

President / Beop-Ho Son 2F,#327-7, Dangjeongdong, 435-832 Gunpo-City, Korea (Rep.)
Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Year of foundation 2002
Area of business Components, Parts, Original Equipment Manufacturers

Company Profile

G&M Tech Inc. Oil-less Piston Pump
We,G&M Tech Inc, are the specialized manufacturer of Oil-less
Vacuum Pump and Air compressor for Medical equipment,
Ozone/Oxygen generator, Environmental equipment & analizer,
Food processor, Packing machine, etc..
We are supplying our products to a lot of set manufacturer in USA, Japan, Europe, our customer have been satisfied with advanced quality and good price.
We obtained CE Mark and ISO14001, RoHS.

Product Information
Pumps, compressor
Pumps, oilless
Pump vacuum

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G&L Precision Die Cutting Inc.

1766 Junction Avenue
95112 San Jose, CA

Phone: (+1-408)4539400
Fax: (+1-408)4511199

Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 1978
Area of business Laboratory Equipment


Company Profile

G & L Precision Die Cutting, Inc.
G & L die cuts, prints, laminates and slits non-metallic materials for adhesive medical components as well as the backing for diagnostic test strips.

G & L has been in business for 25 years and owns a 52,000 square foot manufacturing facility in San Jose, California.

G & L manufactures a Test Strip Cutter and sells a variety of sealing tapes.

We have outside sales people in your area that would be happy to provide you with product samples and quotations on your next medical device component project.

G & L is ISO Certified and FDA Registered.

Product Information
Clinical chemistry

Polyolefin Microplate Liddings Transparent, non-fluorescing. Excellent value.
Optically clear for use in PCR, ELISA, and
other applications where observing the
sample is crucial.

2.0 mil clear polyolefin film.
>90% light transmission.


Polyester Microplate Liddings Temperature tolerance -70º to 100ºC.
Optically clear for use in PCR, ELISA,
general bioanalytical and enzyme assays.

2.0 mil clear polyester film.
>90% light transmission.
Printable, flexible

Rapid tests – clinical chemistry

Aluminum Microplate Liddings Temperature tolerance -70º to 100ºC. Easy to
pierce with a metal probe or plastic pipette.
Excellent sealing for use in PCR and
compound storage.

15 mil dead soft aluminum film.
No light transmission.
Printable and comfortable


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G.F. S.r.l. Medical Division

Via Industria, 1
42015 Correggio / RE

Phone: 0039-0522-637-301
Fax: 0039-0522-691-225

Product Information
Surgical instruments and products
Minimal invasive surgery equipment

Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialisation (THD)

The THD is equipped with a Doppler transducer to locate the terminal branches of the superior rectal artery, which are then ligated, through an apposite slit in the INSTRUMENT, 3 cm. above the dentate line, in an area not sensible to pain. The particular shape of the instrument consents a precise and selective ligation of these arterial branches that supply blood to the hemorrhoids. THD has the distinct advantage of being the only resolutive surgical treatment which can be performed with local anaesthesia as a day case or an outpatient procedure. The patient walks out of the office without pain and can resume his normal activity in 24-48 hours. Moreover, in the rare case of partial failure due to incomplete artery ligation, the procedure can be easily repeated.

After ligation of the arteries, the arterial inflow to the piles drops.
However venous outflow is not compromised, thus the ratio of the inflow/outflow decreases, the piles collapse and the eventual bleeding stops. The decreased tension allows for the regeneration of the connective tissue within the cushions.

This facilitates the shrinkage of hemorrhoids and induces permanent reduction of the prolapse.

The sutures used to ligate the arteries create a rectal pexy by simultaneously stitching the rectal mucosa to the layers below and elevating the haemorrhoidal cushions above the dentate line, thus reducing or eliminating the rectal prolapse.

THD results as the most physiological resolutive approach to hemorrhoids since it allows the preservation of those vascular tissues, which Thompson describes as being so important for continence.

For all of the above reasons, we are confident that the widening of the use of this procedure, versus the traditional ones, will also expand the trend towards resolutive approaches to hemorrhoids, since patients will also become progressively less afraid to meet their surgeon.

Disposable articles for surgeries

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