Carewell Co., Ltd.

5A, Huating 3, Time City, Chuangye Rd., Nanshan Dist.
518054 Shenzhen
China (Rep.)

Phone: (+86-755)86170472
Fax: (+86-755)86170478

Company Profile

About Carewell

Carewell Co. Ltd. is a medical equipment supplier from China. Our mission is to introd- uce chinese high quality medical equipment and provide excellent services with the most competitive price to the world. With the economic development in recent years, the medical equipment produced in China have attracted more and more attention fr- om the distributors all over the world. Carewell is the very business partner that you can rely on if you are interested in Chinese medical equipment. Since the establishment in 2001, Carewell has always been devoted to development, manufacture, sales and service of medical equipment including ECG Machine, Ultraso- und Scanner and Patient Monitor. Carewell has obtained TUV ISO Quality Assurance Certification(ISO13485:2003). Nowadays Carewell’s products have been installed in more than 40 countries all over the world. Carewell is ready to work with the international partners to distribute its products in- ternational market. OEM partners are warmly welcome.

Product Information Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories
ECG Gel 0611231

Patient Cable

Patient Cable (for animal use)

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Caretron GmbH

Brunnenstr. 10
40223 Düsseldorf

Phone: (+49-211)302136-0
Fax: (+49-211)302136-29

Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume < 1 Mio US $ Export content max. 10% Year of foundation 2004 Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology Facility Management Language: German Language: English Company Profile Company profile The highest priority for Caretron is to develop innovative product solutions, which are characterized by simple operation and high functionality. This business philosophy is achieved through a constant dialogue with our users and customer. Only this way it is possible to find solutions, which also work in the everyday life. Our experience and our knowledge are a reliable guarantee for high reliability and quality. A quality management serves as a guideline for all procedures and tasks within the company. Of course our sterile products are produced exclusively under clean room conditions. We are always glad to serve our customers. In order to ensure a fastest possible response according to your desires, our employees are looking for the contact with you. Our scientific know-how guarantees highest possible productivity as well as creative product development. Product Information 01.03.08 Laser therapy equipment Diode laser The Caretron litenife is a state-of-the-art diode laser. Its design allows operation with a touchscreen, low maintenance costs and easy transport using the integrated handle. Caretron litenife offers the possibilty to couple the full power of 15 Watt into a 200 µm optical fiber and thus achieves a high power density. To achieve comparable operational results other conventional lasers require a higher output power. The Caretron litenife diode laser is a versatile therapy equipment and covers various applications: • Phlebology • General ysurgery • Dermatology • ENT • Gynaecology The infrared wavelength of 980 nm ideally fits to achieve high absorption in blood and water. It also has a penetration depth optimal for this purpose. High absorption where you need it means less impact on adjacent tissue and faster recovery. To give you full control during the whole procedure a red aiming beam is superimposed to the primary beam.

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Caretium Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.

Beishan Industrial Park, Building 1, Yantian
518083 Shenzhen
China (Rep.)

Phone: (+86-755)25273714
Fax: (+86-755)25273096

Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 1989
Area of business Diagnostics

Company Profile

About us

Caretium Medical Instruments is a high-tech enterprise with headquarter in Shenzhen. We are specialized in clinical diagnostic laboratory instruments and reagents.

Products include:
Semi-automatic Chemistry Analyzer
Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
Electrolyte Analyzer and reagents
Biochemistry reagents
ELISA Microplate Reader and Washer
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzer

Our policy is that Quality has the top priority and win-win cooperation with customers and partners is our basic for success. Innovation and Development lead to several patents and an authorization certificate by Shenzhen Quality authority. Produced in facility with ISO 9001 and TUV 13485, some products are CE marked and our products are reliable and are being used in more than 60 countries.

With offices in most cities in China, our service is extended to customers all over China.For international market we are working closely with OEM partners in China, India and Europe. We are looking for qualified distributors and OEM partners to enjoy long term and mutual benefit relationship.

Product Information
03.01.04 Enzymes

03.01.05 Electrodes and biosensors

03.03.03 Equipment and systems for blood sedimentation


Compact, economical and easy-to-use

Excellent precision and reliability
Long life, high performance, maintenance-free electrodes
Automatic sampling, priming, rinsing and calibration
Touch-screen, large LCD display
Internal thermal recorder
Auto sampler optional

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CareMax Co., Ltd.

No. 43, Shuang Jing Street, Feng Ting Road
215121 Suzhou
China (Rep.)

Phone: (+86-512)62852999
Fax: (+86-512)62852997

Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 2000
Area of business Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

Company Profile

About us
CareMax Co Ltd, previously named Waytone Corporation, has been engaged in the production and sales of outpatient products for 6 years. We realize that only continuous exploration in production enables us to serve our customers better, enhance our partners’ confidence and stand firmly in the severe market competition.

Our top quality products under ISO 9002/EN 40001 approvals will surely satisfy your demands. We will always abide by the principles of “Cooperation, Exploration, Better Services and Innovation of High-Quality Products in the Field”.

Your cooperation and inquiries are welcome. Contact us now for more details!

Product Information
05.14 Bandage materials

05.14.01 Bandages

05.14.02 Elastic bandages
Spandex Elastic Bandage

Link to further Information

05.14.10 Stockinet bandages

05.15 Dressings for wounds

05.15.02 Wound covering / skin substitutes

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CARE diagnostica Produktions- und Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Römerstrasse 8
2513 Möllersdorf

Phone: (+43-2252)55155-0
Fax: (+43-2252)55155-1

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Mag. Nadja Scheuringer Tel.: ++43/2252/55155-0

Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1982
Area of business Diagnostics

Language: German Language: English Company Profile

Company profile
As an international company, product quality of the highest standard is a matter of course for us – it is an integral part of our responsibility for a safe and reliable diagnosis.

High product quality is the base from which we strive for continued improvements: we are the first European diagnostics company to be awarded CE certification for most of our products. We want to stimulate the market with innovative solutions and thereby become the market leader.

We offer a one-stop service to our customers. Part of this service is the duty to do our very best to fulfil your requirements.

Our underlying principle of ‘take CARE’ in the service of human healthcare is based on research, controlled production processes, world class quality management, as well as constant communication both internally and with our customers.

CARE diagnostica’s good name stands for innovation, superior quality and traditional reliability.

Product Information
03.01.08 Devices and systems for glucose determination units Blood glucose Diagnostic agents / kits for glucose determination Glucose fully automatic determination Reagents for glucose determination

03.01.14 Rapid tests – clinical chemistry Point of care – testing systems

03.02.15 Rapid tests – Immunochemistry Pregnancy tests Infectious desease tests

03.04.06 Rapid tests – Microbiology
GUTplus Test (Gastroscopic Urease Test

Provides fast evidence of the urease enzyme from biopsy samples from the intestinal mucous membrane.

HPy IgA / IgG / IgM

The CARE EIA is a sensitive test to quantify the existence of antibodies against Helicobacter pylori, used when gastritis or ventricular and duodenal ulcers are indicated. An accurate calibration curve is compiled with the exact 5-point calibration, enabling a quantitative anaysis of the patient’s sample.

The interpolated value is given in reference units (RU/ml). The conjugate classes Anti-Human IgA, IgG or IgM are HRP marked. The dilution ratio of the serum sample is 1:2000 for IgA, IgG and IgM. The process steps and incubation period is the same for all tests. The 96 microtiter plates provided comprise 8×12 strips and enable flexible and cost-saving usage, even with small sample volumes.

Each test pack contains 5 calibrators, as well as positive and negative controls and several buffer components.


The bacterium chlamydia trachomatis can be detected directly with this is new antigen test. This means that this test is also suitable for further check-ups following successful treatment.

The chlamydia trachomatis infection is the most common sexually transmitted disease. This mostly asymptomatic disease is the greatest cause of infection-induced infertility.
An infection can lead to various symptoms and later complications: in women it can cause cervicitis, urethitis, peritoneal symptoms or sterility. In men it can lead to urethritis, prostatitis or epididymitis, and in new-born babies can cause newborn pneumonia or inclusion conjunctivitis.

If the chlamydia trachomatis infection is detected in the early stages, it can prevent later complications such as sterility or the development of other illnesses. For patients this new method of diagnosis enables higher quality treatment.

The chlamyCARE-C test system includes all instruments for use: sterile swabs (one for preparation and one for sample collection), test cassette and buffer bottles A & B. It is not necessary to incubate the sample at 80 C.

chlamyCARE-C detects the presence of antigens already with a 1.6×10 to the power of 4 elementary corpuscles/ml and records – according to clinical user trials – 85.7% sensitivity and 98.3% specificity rates (results in comparison with PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)).


This quick test, suitable for screening for antibodies against Helicobacter pylori, was assessed during an extensive comparative study with histology, ELISA and RUT (Rapid Urease Test).

In contrast to other immunological quick tests, helicoCARE equally identifies various classes of antibodies, in particular the anticardiolipin antibodies IgG, IgA and IgM. In this way it is no longer possible to overlook individual stages of the infection.

These results indicate that helicoCARE is an appropriate point-of-care test. The user can obtain information on the presence of symptoms of an infection within a few minutes, without the use of extensive equipment. What’s more, treatment with antibiotics can be initiated earlier and the spread of the infection reduced.

An examination of whole blood, plasma or serum samples can be undertaken with this quick-to-use and simple testing method, without high equipment investment costs. In addition, patient management is improved.


The 3-hole testing procedure was introduced in Europe with the heavily- documented Guaiac test, hemoCARE. In the meantime, hemoCARE has established itself world wide as a high quality test to detect traces of blood in the stool.

The 3-hole test method has contributed to the correct diagnosis in an increased number of cases due to the higher sample number. An optimal color development in the result field is achieved by using a modified buffer solution with a stable ph value. The use of high quality filter paper for the hemoCARE product has improved the readability factor of the test result. A well-documented study conducted among over 20.000 patients proves that the Guaiac testing method has been optimised.

The increased test field size allows the user to read the result more easily, even when the color is faint. The increased number of corners in the characteristic 6-cornered test field developed by CARE diagnostica allows for scientific observation, as reaction products accumulate particularly in the corners


Due to the oxidation process there is a natural limit to how effective the Guaiac method for diagnosing bowel cancer can be. Cross-reactions with non-specific oxidases in food – especially likely if the patient has not complied with dietary instructions – lead to an inaccurate and therefore unreliable result.

With immoCARE-C – a new testing method for the detection of human haemoglobin in the stool sample based on sensitive antibodies – eating restrictions are no longer necessary, either before or during the testing period. This achieves greater compliance along with improved accuracy. Clinical trials have shown that by lowering the required level of evidence (i.e. the amount of haemoglobin present in the stool) the success rate of polyp detection more than doubles. What’s more, this makes it a particularly effective testing method for early detection.

The sampling of the stool using a buffer in a pre-filled sample container is both more hygienic and user-friendly. The tip of the container is broken off and some of the sample mixture placed on the sample field of the test cassette. The result (purple lines) is easy to read in the result field, and is no longer influenced by the colour of the stool itself.

Since 2000 immoCARE-C has been used in the most extensive longitudinal study using an immunological test for the early detection of colon cancer: more than 130,000 people are taking part in a minimum 5-year study in Eastern Austria (Burgenland).

streptoCARE A

Group A streptococcal infections (streptococcus pyogenes) of the respiratory tract belong to the most common infectious diseases and can lead to terrible after-effects. Nowadays the increase in more critical or deadly infections has led to increased attention being focused on this disease in the field of obstetrics.

As approximately 80% of prescriptions for antibiotics are written for infections that are NOT caused by bacteria, a more accurate diagnosis would lead to increased cost-efficiency in healthcare provision. The decision about whether a case of pharyngitis has a bacterial or viral cause is important because the consequent course of treatment is significantly different for each infection. When patients with suspected acute pharyngitis are tested for streptococcus A, 40% test positive and 60% negative, the latter requiring no antibiotic treatment. In addition, a more controlled and safer use of antibiotics would also reduce the risk of an allergic reaction to penicillin.

The cell culture test method produces a result only after 24-48 hours. That is why doctors prefer a quick antigen test. 86% stated that the quick test facilitates the therapeutic decision.

It is very easy to detect streptococcus A with streptoCARE-A’s sample extraction using a single sample buffer. The sample indicates the presence of the antigen already at a level of 1×105 CFU/ml. The sample can be placed on the test cassette direct from the sample container. The level of test result accuracy is continuously backed up by external studies.

If a Group A streptoccal infection is diagnosed early, more serious infections such as rheumatic fever or acute glomerulonephritis can be avoided. This test helps you do this.

streptoCARE B

Approximately 40% of neonatal infections in the first three days are caused by streptoccus B. The progression is often serious and can lead to meningitis and septic shock. In approximately 50% of babies born to mothers with either a vaginal or an rectal infection this leads to a colonialization. Very often premature babies are effected, which means that an early diagnosis in the pregnant woman is extremely important.

The new streptoCARE B quick test detects a streptococcal B infection within a very short space of time compared to the cell culture method. Incubation at 80° C is also no longer necessary. The test result is ready in 15 minutes and the purple lines are easy to see. Clinical studies prove the reliability of this test result; the test detects a streptococcal B infection at a level of 5×105 CFU/ml.

Another area for use is for the early diagnosis of streptococcus B in newborn babies. The quick test performed on a gastric secretion sample has been successful in clinical trials. The results lead us to recommend streptoCARE B test for such cases. StreptoCARE B’s simplicity increases the quality of patient management, and at the same time enables effective use with small as well as large sample volumes.


Qualitative (+/-) detection of pregnancy from urine using test strips, achieved in a few minutes.


high sensitivity: 25 mlU hCG/mL
quick result
easy to use


As the first one-step pregnancy test viola set the standard and established itself successfully as the market leader in the German-speaking market. Since then the name ‘viola’ has been associated with quality and reliability by numerous users testing for pregnancy.

Due to continuous improvement in sensitivity the detection level for this pregnancy test has been reduced to 25 mlU hCG/ml, whichm when converted, equates to the concentration of hCG at the time when the period is due. To achieve consistent user quality each production batch is compared with the 3rd WHO standard to ensure it reaches this level of evidence.


As the first one-step pregnancy test viola set the standard and established itself successfully as the market leader in the German-speaking market. Since then the name ‘viola’ has been associated with quality and reliability by numerous users testing for pregnancy.

Continuous improvement to the testing method has resulted in a reduction in the detection limit with violaEARLY-C to 12 mU hCG/ml. This means that pregnancy can be detected 7-12 days after conception. This is an innovation in as far a pregnancy can be detected at the lowest possible level at which a pregnancy is indicated. To achieve consistent user quality each production batch is compared with the 3rd WHO standard to ensure it reaches this level of evidence. ViolaEARLY-C is available as a test cassette with pipette.

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Balbino Marron Street, Viapol Building, Gate A, 4th floor, Mod. 5
41018 Seville

Phone: (+34-95)4933122
Fax: (+34-95)4933123

Company Profile

About Us

Cardiplus Sanitary Group is a team of medical companies focusing on medical services, research and development of transtelephonic cardiology systems, being pioneering in developing this system in Spain.

The quality of our service is guaranteed by the goup of medical companies that form it:




Product Information Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories

Cardiotest Plus ist ein fortschrittliches Gerät für die Telemedizin, um Herzleiden zu diagnostizieren. Es ist durch die geringe Größe leicht tragbar und einfach in der Bedienung. Mit Cardiotest Plus werden Elektrokardiogramme (EKG) durchgeführt, die zur späteren Aus-wertung gespeichert werden können. Die Übertragung der Daten erfolgt per Telefon (womit eine Online-Diagnose möglich ist), für PDAs und PCs existieren eine serielle und eine Infra-rot-Schnittstelle. Tele-cardiology and tele-respiratory monitoring and diagnosis

06.15 Telemedicine

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Cardionics S.A.

Rue Gabrielle Petit 4/2
1080 Brussels

Phone: (+32-2)4267575
Fax: (+32-2)4264040

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

CARDIONICS Mrs Florence DE GREEF Tel. 0032-2-426-7575, Fax. 0032-2-426-4040

Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume < 1 Mio US $ Export content max. 50% Year of foundation 1969 Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology Company Profile CARDIONICS SA For over 35 years Cardionics has provided quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions in the field of computerized ECG management. Our core business, oriented since the beginning towards hospitals or private cardiology, focuses on ECG devices, software and Stress Tests. Cardionics is present at every step: from the development to the distribution, as well as the training and the after-sales services. Since 2000, Cardionics has broadened its activities in providing software dedicated to Clinical Trials. From phase I to phase IV, we equip the Contract Research Organizations and the sponsors with our ECG devices, acquisition and interpretation software and QT analysis software. Product Information Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories CarTouch The CarTouch is a portable ECG device with processor and flash memory, allowing the recording of the ECG's and disposing of several transfer modes. The CarTouch can read a proximity card containing the patient identification data: Memorizes up to 50 ECG's High-resolution ECG Light and easy to use Records 12 leads simultaneously Patient identification via card or keyboard 12-leads viewed on the LCD screen SCREEN : A large LCD (240 x 320 pixels) permits to control the scrolling of the 12 simultaneous ECG leads. KEYBOARD : 16 alphanumeric keys allow the entry of alphanumeric data. ACQUISITION MODES: 10, 20 sec. per lead 16 bits conversion 500 ou 1000 samples/second PRINT-OUT : ECG's can be directly printed on a laser PCL6, PCL5e printer or via an adaptator. TRANSMISSION - NETWORK : ECG's can be transferred to a PC via the serial com port RS232 (transfer time: about 10 seconds/ECG). The ECG's can then be reviewed and validated by the cardiologist, and transferred through the hospital network. ECG's can also be sent via FTP (internet) or e-mail either by connecting the CarTouch directly to a modem, or to a mobile phone integrating a modem. AUTONOMY-POWER SUPPLY: 5 hours minimum of intensive use (250 standard ECG's) Automatic switch off 4AA - LR6 (1.5 V) or rechargeable batteries. CLINICAL STUDIES: Read more DIRECT CONNECTION ON A PC: The TeleTouch software allows to transfer the ECG data on a workstation. The cardiologist can then record and print the ECGs with the measurements and the diagnostic given by the software. The cardiologist can also validate the diagnostic and export the results under picture format (JPEG, TIFF, WMF, PDF, XML) to a management software or to the central system of the hospital. SOFTWARE : ECG and VCG diagnostic help software. QT dispersion analysis. Transmission, reception and validation of the ECG's. Exportation of the ECG's (PDF, JPEG, TIF, PDF and XML) ECG Trolley with direct printout P8000 is the compact, ergonomic, advanced 3/12-channel electrocardiograph with graphic LCD and direct keys that can make your daily work easier. Get ready to access all the unit functions in the easiest way thanks to the user-friendly interface based on direct soft keys and on-screen menu, easily configurable in 9 different languages by the user. Patient data entry is possible through the full alphanumeric keyboard so that all the relevant information is enclosed in the ECG file. The graphic LCD not only guides the user through the software menu but also offers a functional set of information including trace previewing. The P8000 has been conceived as a modular device in order to meet your exact requirements. The unit is available in two different configurations: Basic, which includes a skilful measurement program, and Interpretive, which supports you in diagnosis. Two more options can be enabled: the memory option, dedicated to portable applications and/or PC connections for data transfer in a Windows environment, and the Thrombolysis option, to support therapy advisability. P8000 is equipped with an integrated high-resolution 3-ch thermal printer but can also be connected to an external inkjet or standard laser PC printer, expanding into a 12-ch on inexpensive A4/Letter size, white paper. The P8000 offers a comprehensive set of tools to perform a complete patient analysis in resting ECG. All the features of the P8000 have been included in a small and compact case to increase portable applications. The internal memory and the high-capacity rechargeable battery offer the ideal support for hospital ward and emergency situations, while integration with the most advanced communication devices allows on the field applications. Data acquired can later be transmitted in a Windows environment for advanced exam management Stress Test Use the CardioPlug for a new concept in ECG stress recording The Cardionics stress test fits perfectly your needs CardioPlug connects to your PC by USB port. Integration into your patient data management software Just one click and the ECG appears on your screen ECG monitoring Stress test Bicycle or treadmill driven by your PC Print-out at each step or on the request on any kind of printer Stores the complete test on the hard disk Easy software set-up Allows several functions such as: Switch from 12 leads screen to 2x6L or 3L Speed and amplitude Event channel selection Superposition of the averaged beats on 12 Leads Input of the summary report at any time while keeping an eye on the ECG Validation: Check-up and validation of the ECG by the physician Selection of automatic or personal conclusions Display of the QRS onset, offset and measurements Stores the validated ECG in the patient data file Network validation available Communication: ECG network in and out the hospital Validate the hospital ECG anywhere (from private office, home, etc.) Unique identification input for automatic invoicing Exploits all your results for scientific studies FTP transmission The CardioPlug The CardioPlug is a numerical ECG recorder allowing 12 leads acquisition and the 3 Franck leads of VCG (X, Y & Z). The device is directly plugged to the USB port of the PC. The PC becomes the ECG device. Features: Continuous visualization of the 12 leads ECG on the PC screen. Long time acquisition and recording for later analysis and validation. Light and easy to use Compatible with any kind of PC High definition Fast and easy set-up Fully automated interpretation prior to manual cardiologist review. Information transfer in a Word document, or in a graphic file (JPEG, TIF, WMF, PDF or XML) or to the central database The following softwares are available with the CardioPlug : Rest ECG acquisition View modes: 2x6, 3x4, 1x12, 1x3 leads Database with patient identification form Long time ECG record (up to 96 hours) Ventricular late potential ECG and VCG diagnostic help Stress test program QT dispersion analysis ECG validation ECG exportation (PDF, JPG, TIFF, WMFand XML). Storage on all kinds of support.

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Cardiomedical GmbH

Industriestraße 3A
30855 Langenhagen

Phone: (+49-511)72485-48
Fax: (+49-511)72485-50

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Geschäftsführer: Wolfgang Wiedenbein Tel: 0049 – (0)5 11 – 7 24 85 48

About Us

CARDIOMEDICAL was founded in 1994 in Hannover and
distributes most modern medicalquality products for Heart-, Thoracic- and Vascular-Surgery.

We especially take care of a very close relationship to our customers, their individual and qualified support, continuity and a cooperation in partnership. Our employees, which have longtime experiences stay all over the country for your disposal and can guarantee you the best possible support.

Since 2004 CARDIOMEDICAL develops extensively and very successfully its own product line called. CARDIO VISION.

Product Information
01.08.02 Surgical instruments and products

The Bovie IDS Series are the latest electrosurgical generators with fully digital implementation. Bovie is using dedicated digital hardware instead of a general purpose controller for processing data. The digital hardware allows parallel data processing. This generates very high data processing throughput. All data is sampled and processed digitally, being converted to analog only in the output stage.

Bovie’s digital technology offers a completely innovative dimension to electrosurgery for use in today’s modern OR and surgical outpatient center.

The Bovie-IDS units are easy-to-handle and cover the whole spectrum of electrosurgical interventions. Monopolar and bipolar functions satisfy all surgical demands with maximum safety and a user-friendly interface.

The IDS technology – based on Bovie’s know-how in electrosurgery – offers a wide range of performance and simple operation.

Bovie’s digital technology will make controlling the IDS Systems very simple for the OR team during any point of the procedure, allowing the surgeon to concentrate on what’s important – the operation and the patient. Other general surgical instruments and equipment Vascular surgical instruments, accessories Instruments for the minimal-invasive surgery, MIS Instruments and apparatus for abdominal and general surgery Instruments and apparatus for cardiac and thoracic surgery Minimal invasive surgery equipment Needle holders Neurosurgical instruments and equipment Scissors, forceps

Low profile atraumatic surgical clamps, inserts and clips

The INTRACKâ„¢ DESIGN CONCEPT begins with creating the highest quality stainless steel instruments. The jaws of each instrument are precision-milled tocreate uniform channels over the length of their clamping surfaces to accept the semi-rigid base of INTRACK INSERTS. The result: clamp jaws and inserts that securely fit together within very tight tolerances.

Each INTRACKâ„¢ INSERT is comprised of a soft, compliant elastomeric pad that ist co-moldedover asemi-rigid plastic base. The inserts are loaded into theclamp by simply passing the base portion of the inserts through the channels of the jaws starting from proximal to distal. The result is an occlusion system that allows the atraumatic inserts within the clamp affords clinical advantages. Scalpels and accessories Scalpel blades

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Cardiomed Supplies Inc.

199 Saint David Street
K9V 5K7 Lindsay, Ontario

Phone: (+1-705)328-2518
Fax: (+1-705)328-9747

About us

CardioMed Supplies Inc. (CMS) is a leading Canadian supplier of disposable products for open heart surgery, critical care, dialysis, oncology and other specialized areas. CardioMed has earned a strong reputation for our innovative research and design, our use of high quality materials, our ability to meet client made-to-order requirements and our meticulous attention to the changing needs of today’s doctors, nurses and patients. As an example, we have been leaders in the introduction of Latex-Free and safety products.

In addition to our manufactured products, our company also distributes for the Canadian healthcare market the latest medical products from leading American and European manufacturers.

Product Information
01.03.01 Dialysis equipment Haemodialysis equipment and accessories
Dual Floating Catheter

– Two Lumens – One Vessel
The CardioMed (CMS) Dual Floating Hemodialysis
Vascular Access Catheter utilizes two free floating
lumens in the same vessel to increase flow and
improve patency.
The catheter is constructed from a biocompatible,
radiopaque material – which offers improved tensile
strength compared to traditional silicone catheters.

Fast Flow Catheter

– Faster Flows, Better Clearances

CardioMed’s (CMS) Fast Flow Hemodialysis
Vascular Access Catheter is a temporary, dual-lumen
catheter that is ideal for use with today’s high efficiency
dialyzers. With a tapered tip that permits insertion via
the Seldinger Technique, the Fast Flow “tube within a
tube” design allows for a 360° arterial uptake and it can
provide flows in excess of 400ml/min. This catheter is
also available in a curved “IJ” design.

 Resists kinking due to excellent material

Resists deterioration that is caused bycommonly used antiseptics

 The large, round 14Fr catheter permits
easier insertion 360° arterial ports resist vessel occlusionand arterial insufficiency

Movable silicone Suture Wing

Catheter Body Length, French Size andPriming Volumes are printed on the catheterfor convenient, quick reference

Straight or IJ, the Fast Flow is a high capacity catheter.

Hemocath Silicone Catheters

-Silicone Comfort – Dual Lumens
CardioMed’s Hemocath Silicone Hemodialysis
Vascular Access Catheters utilizes the properties of
silicone to provide patients with the advantage of
maximum comfort. To provide options in therapy, this
dual lumen catheter is available in two configurations –
the first is a dual lumen catheter with a Tapered Tip
and Stylette that gives the catheter added stiffness.
The second configuration is a dual lumen catheter with
a Staggered Tip and a Dacron Cuff to anchor the
catheter when it is tunnelized.

Straight & Curved Catheters

– Performance and Patient Comfort
CardioMed’s (CMS) Straight & Curved Hemodialysis
Vascular Access Catheters, available in double or
triple lumen configurations, allow easy access while
providing safe and convenient placement. The benefits
offered to your patients are reduced stenosis with
greater tolerance and comfort.
The catheter’s thermosensitive, coaxial material
combines softness and biocompatibility. For added
convenience, the priming volumes are printed on each

 Thermosensitive/radiopaque material

 Coaxial design permits maximum flow

 Soft tip that reduces vascular trauma

Double suture points on IJ catheter

Pediatric size available – inquire

Straight or Curved (IJ), our Coaxial Catheters meet your needs. Peritoneal dialysis equipment and accessories
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters

– Peritoneal Performance & Comfort
CardioMed’s (CMS) Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters
are available in a variety of lengths, cuffs and
configurations that will address your patient’s
requirements for effective peritoneal dialysis treatment.

 Radiopaque stripe for x-ray monitoring

 Accurate hole placement for improved
dialysate flow

Accurate hole placement avoids anyholes on the radiopaque strip andprevents splitting

 Precisely engineered cuffs

Manufactured with silicone to prevent kinking

Beveled tip reduces abdominal tissuediscomfort

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Cardiolo-G medical technology

7 Odem Street
49110 Petach-Tikva

Phone: (+972-3)9217722
Fax: (+972-3)9217724

Company Profile

About us
As a distinguished partner we would like to share with you a milestone in our company’s rich history of innovation and pioneering solutions.

Established in 1995 by Dr. Akiva Sharon, Tapuz wrote in its book of values that we will be a company that will change and innovate the way ECG is performed in order to improve the world of cardiology as we know it.

Over the last 10 years we have been your partner in enhancing the awareness of ECG belts worldwide. While being a leading manufacturer, we have kept pace with the competitive market of today. We continue to update and advance in order to face new and bigger challenges.

A turning point in the company’s life was the purchase by Amos Gazit Ltd., a company specializing in the field of medical and safety equipment.

Amos Gazit Ltd is an innovative Israeli company. One which introduced dozens of new medical technologies and celebrated repeatedly for its on going achievements in orthopedics trauma and brake through anesthesia procedures. The company, established in 1958 by Mr. Amos Gazit is now managed by his son Oded Gazit and his daughter Einat Gazit.

Today, with the knowledge and rich heritage of Amos Gazit, we are entering the next stage in our company’s evolution. We are on the verge of penetrating new markets and geographical areas and extending our business worldwide in order to form new and significant international partnerships.

This change is one of many steps in a long process of evolution our company continues to go through.

In order to better identify both to you our customer and to us as a company, we think it is time our logo and identity will reflect all that is positive and individual in our company, and that will offer a guarantee for superb quality, excellence and innovation.

As a result we are honored, to hereby present our new company’s name being
Cardiolo-G medical technology.

A company dedicated to the study and revolutionizing of the world of ECG, with the “G” of our mother company, Amos Gazit as a lighthouse in the world of medical excellence.

Our new logo is combined of dots forming a new and innovative heart shape; this heart represents every thing that our company wishes to convey; Innovation, creativity, comfort, advanced technology and a better future.

Cardiolo-G actually defines the field we are active in, integrating the essence of health, quality of life along side safety.

Cardiolo-G will continue to represent strong, leading and unique products.

Our new brand identity will receive acknowledgement gradually; nevertheless, our working procedure with all our partners will stay as before and it is important for us that you understand it is the same company, products, working procedures and of course the same team.

Our Mission & Vision


Cardiolo-G medical technology ltd. aims to develop, produce and market health care providers with reliable, accurate and cost-effective E.C.G products. Cardiolo-G is designed to improve the quality of health care substantially, while cutting health care costs dramatically.

The savings will be facilitated by providing the first cost-effective means for avoiding many of the unnecessary visits to secondary physicians, for better preventive medicine, and for realizing home care and Tele-medicine.

Product Information Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories

CardioVest is a stretchable Elastomer vest, containing a 10 electrode set, required for the performance of cardiac stress test (Ergometry).

The CardioVest’s unique design and materials assure comfort, for both female and male patients and for the examiner.

The Patented shock-absorbing structure of the belt enables excellent ECG recordings.

The CardioVest Features:

The CardioVest is a flexible and comfortable bra-like vest that includes the electrodes system required for the performance of Stress ECG Test.
By placing the CardioVest on the chest, stretching it to fit body size and closing the buckle, all electrodes are automatically set in the accurate anatomical position.
Ideal for clinical Ergometry using bicycle or treadmill, for sports medicine and telemetry studies.
The unique design of the re-usable Ag/AgCl coated electrodes, assures excellent contact with the skin.
Designed to fit most sizes, male and female alike, from teenagers to large size adults.
The firm and anatomically accurate fitting of the electrodes minimizes the effect of movement during the recording that is typical of ECG stress testing.
Using the CardioVest significantly reduces the Stress Test duration and ensures a noise free constant ECG recording.
The CardioVest enables the performance of ECG Stress Test by any nurse or physician after short training.

Significant cost savings using re-usable electrodes
Quick and simple to operate
No need to shave male patients
Significant time saving
No risk of faulty electrodes positioning

A Set (S / M / L)
Small – Blue
Medium – Red
Large – Green


The Easy-G is a patented fast-fitting ECG electrodes system for performance of rest ECG and telecardiology.

The Easy-G replaces the traditional vacuum and disposable adhesive electrode method.

ECG Device Features:

Easy to fit electrode system for performance of diagnostic 12 lead ECG
Anatomically accurate electrode-body-positioning fits men and women alike
Ideal for hospitals, clinics, ambulances and homecare facilities
Can be connected to most ECG devices via banana plugs or studs
Over 50% time saving
Cost effective
Guaranteed for one year ECG accessories (electrodes, etc.)

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