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Year of foundation 1921
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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Founded in Leipzig (Germany) in 1921 as F. Walter Haenel Company, “MAVIG” was ever since used as trademark for its products. Haenel developed, manufactured and traded specific personal protection devices for risky workplaces.


Following the destruction of the factory facilities in Leipzig, Haenel started to reconstruct the company. It moved to Munich and re-launched its business.


After continual growth and establishing a leading position in radiation protection worldwide, the company, now named Walter Haenel GmbH, moved to its present plant in Munich-Moosfeld. Production, Administration and Development are now united in modern facilities.


As the first company in X-ray Protection to meet all new EU directives, all MAVIG personal protection devices bear the CE symbol. Quality Management according to ISO9001/EN46001 is successfully installed.


Changing the company name to MAVIG GmbH in 1999, today the company is experiencing steady annual growth, based upon constant development of new products, thorough quality testing, and a worldwide net of representations and business relations. A valued supplier for almost every OEM in the medical sector, MAVIG seeks to obtain its established position as quality leader in the X-ray protection and Ceiling Suspension business worldwide.

Product Information Microscopes Microscopic image analysis
VivaScope© – Image in Moments. Information in Time. 23.10.2007

The VivaScope 1500 opens a window into the skin – it provides the possibility of an optical biopsy: non-invasive and in real-time!

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy for the first time offers a non-invasive view into the layers of the skin, from the stratum corneum to the superficial reticular dermis. Living tissue can be quickly examined (in vivo). Invasive biopsies and the preparation and dyeing of samples are no longer necessary.

Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes are being used successfully not only in dermatological practices, but also in medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic research areas as well.

01.02.04 Nuclear medicine equipment Equipment and utensils for radiation protection
Lower Body Protection 25.09.2007

Safe protection for the lower body

Lower body protection systems are an integral part of every radioation protection concept for interventional radiology. They reduce secondary radiation substantially. Optimal protection is ensured only with the combination of ceiling-suspended radiation protection and lower body protection with upper shield. The ceiling-suspended system and the examiner’s shield then protect the examiner against secondary radioation emanating from the body of the patient. The lower body protection absorbs radation underneath the table and shields the lower extremities and genital area of the examiner.

Note: For tables not permitting lower body protection adaptation via accessory rails, MAVIG offfers special solutions.

Mobile Shields 25.09.2007

Mobile protective shields for flexible use

In order to avoid being a disturbing factor in a room, sophisticated objectives must begin at the conception and development of mobile protective shield.

All requirements of equipment and procedural methodology of the operation room as well as all demands of the personnel have to be taken into consideration.

MAVIG produces mobile protective shields from modern material in a multiplicity of possibilities, of course also individually on demand.

Windows / Lead Glass 25.09.2007

Radiation protection windows both on small and large level

Treating with modern and sensitive materials as lead acrylic glass or lead glass, is our speciality. Our long experience and our know how guarantee the quality as well of the production of radiation protection windows as of individual solutions.

Special requirements, radiation protection and technical safety will be reconciled for you, our competence is at your service.

X-Ray Accessories 25.09.2007

1001 things – but safety and technic of a piece

The term „X-ray accessories“ units many different products to a group. Each of them with a different profil and a different intended use.

And still there is a thread at MAVIG’s product group „X-ray accessories“ : whether accessories for X-ray technology or personal X-ray protection as i.e. clothes for the medical personnel, every single product is subject to high quality directives and test procedures before being declared marketable. Monitors for nuclear medicine Radiation protection cabins

01.02.05 X-ray devices and accessories Apparatus and accessories for angiography Monitors for X-ray generators and X-ray film documentation X-ray protection items
Accessories for X-Ray Technology 25.09.2007

Supporting your quality management with first-rate products…

Accessories for X-ray technology is an important element of the daily routine in hospitals and practices. MAVIG ensures that all accessory items satisfy the very toughtest quality requirements.

Compensating filters and scatter grids back up your quality safety – a high responsability for us as the manufacturer of these products. Our clearly defined quality management and on-going production controls ensure that we take this responsability very serious. Radiation protection clothing
X-Ray Protection Patient 25.09.2007

An daily used article requires special quality measures in regards to material and manufacture.

But also the functionality and a user-friendly utilization is not to be underestimated. The radiation protection clothing must not only give your patient the feeling of safety, but safety must be given. And, the practicable handling for medical personnel is not to underestimate.

MAVIG meets these different requirements with modern and daily-proof radiation protection.

X-ray protection medical personnel 25.09.2007

Innovation for safety and comfort – your all-around-package

Not any product, but a product group claiming the responsability of every person concerned. X-ray protection clothing for the radiation users falls under the EU directive for personal safety gear (PSA) and has more obligations regarding production and quality assurance than general medicine devices.

Only companies who are correctly certified according to the European legislation can produce X-ray protection clothing for the radiation user. Moreover, every single model needs a type approval. This means time and effort, but completely justified in terms of health and life of the user.

MAVIG and its products give you the safety to purchase admissible devices, complying with all necessary directives and standards. Radiation protection goggles
X-Ray Protection Goggles 25.09.2007

Goggles configuration is not just goggles configuration. Differences in quality and design can be vital as for comfort and compatibility, for example in the case of nickel allergies. MAVIG produced metal configurations are refined with high quality and can be worn for years. In the case of configuration with synthetics, the final quality and life-span of the goggles are also determined by the materials used and the individual steps of the manufacturing process.

Our optical googles are manufactured with optical radiation protection glass of the highest quality. Outstanding light transmission and optically faultless vision are guaranteed. Immaculate workmanship and adaptability in each configuration are a must for us. Radiation protection gloves Radiation protection glove boxes Radiation protection curtains
Protective Curtains 25.09.2007

Leading technology is manifested in detail
Guaranteed safety in radiation protection and constant precision in daily use of our installations goes without saying.

This product commitment applies to the mechanical components which are utilized exclusively for MAVIG Radiation Protection Curtains on a worldwide basis. Our engineering and design concepts allowed us to conquer the heavy weight of the curtains, and to meet the stringent requirements essential for radiation protection.

At MAVIG, you will encounter a well-versed team, competent in the specialties of radiation protection installations, system technology, and department planning. Faultless radiation protection, attractive appearance, and functional installation – this is the road to satisfying and distinctive results. X-ray table covers and other auxililary equipment

01.05.01 Surgery Room Equipment Ceiling stands for the operating theatre Other equipment and apparatus for operating theatres Lifting columns Attachment and carrier systems for medical devices
Monitor Suspensions 25.09.2007

Monitor Suspension Systems – sleek, versatile and compact!

For many years, MAVIG has been the first choice among monitor suspension systems.

The stable, high-quality systems are optimally designed for routine use in the hospital or the radiological practice. They offer maximum safety and high flexibility.

MAVIG Life Cycle Testing ensures 100-percent quality of all products delivered. The products are furthermore UL and CE certified. MAVIG is also ISO EN 13485-2003 certified by the TÜV Product Service.

01.05.02 Medical lighting Medical lamps, examination lamps Lighting installations for operating theatres and investigation rooms Operating table lights Fixed and moveable standard lamps

01.08.02 Surgical instruments and products Instruments and apparatus for dermatology and cosmetic surgery

01.09.02 Ward equipment and apparatus Ceiling and wall arms
Portegra2 25.09.2007

The new worldwide standard for equipment support and radiation protection systems.

For many years, MAVIG has been the first choice for many practices and hospitals for ceiling support and radiation protection systems.

The quality of MAVIG systems and their optimized design is suited for use in both hospital or radiological practices. The systems feature maximum safety and high flexibility.

The MAVIG life cycle testing ensures 100 percent quality of all products delivered. The products are furthermore UL and CE certified. MAVIG is ISO EN 13485-2003 certified by the TÜV product service.

The Portegra2 system is the innovative solution for the protection of the head, eyes, thyroid gland, upper arms and extremities from scattered radiation. Ceiling stands Infusion stands, ceiling and wall attachments

01.09.03 Furnishing / Equipment for examination and treatment rooms, intensive care units and wake up rooms Apparatus tables and trolleys for medical electronic equipment

01.09.06 Equipment and apparatus for wards and examinations Holding devices Mounting plates Stands

02.11 Laboratories microscopes

06.02 Computer hardware for surgeries, hospitals and laboratories

06.02.01 VDUs, monitors, touchscreens, terminals

06.02.05 Computer accessories

06.15 Telemedicine

06.15.01 Doctors’ surgeries networks

06.15.02 Real time transmitting systems