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Company Figures
Year of foundation 1972
Area of business Laboratory Equipment


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HUMAN GmbH was founded more than 35 years ago with the goal of developing and manufacturing diagnostic products for clinical laboratories world-wide. Today, HUMAN offers 35 years of experience and success in the major diagnostic areas with instruments and reagents such as clinical chemistry, ELISA, hematology, urinalysis and coagulation. Moreover, in 2006 HUMAN entered the rapidly growing autoimmune diagnostics sector with the integration of the well-known and successful IMTEC line of products.

We distribute our products through a well-organised, exclusive, worldwide distributor network into more than 160 countries. Therewith HUMAN constitutes a unique worldwide brand in the innovative in vitro diagnostics area.

HUMAN’s main areas of activity are:
– Clinical Chemistry (liquid stable reagents clinical chemistry and immunoturbidimetry + controls)
– Autoimmune Diagnostics (wide high-quality portfolio for ELISA and LIA testing)
– ELISA (unmet automation solutions: from manual to fully automated platforms and comprehensive reagent menu)

Product Information
02.01 Analyser appliances

02.01.04 Evaluation units for microtiter plates
HumaReader HS 11.10.2007

Microtiter Plate Reader

02.01.13 Filter photometers

02.01.20 Semi-automatic microtiter plate systems

02.01.24 Incubation / temperature regulating units for microtiter plates

02.01.25 Piston pipettes, complete

02.01.36 Fully automatic microtiter plate systems
Elisys Uno 11.10.2007

Fully Automated ELISA Analyzer

Further Fully Automated ELISA Analyzer: Elisys Quattro

02.01.41 Photometers

02.01.44 Plastic pipettes and measuring vessels, etc.

02.01.46 Pipette tips

02.01.73 Washing apparatus for microtiter plates

02.01.74 Water baths

02.11 Laboratories microscopes
HumaScope Line 11.10.2007

Binocular Laboratory Microscopes

HumaScope Plus
HumaScope T (for Training, Schools and Education)
HumaScope V (For Darkfield Diagnostics)

02.18 Shaking and mixing units

02.18.01 Mixing units for vessels, tubes, etc.

02.22 Centrifuges

03.01.01 Bilirubinometers/bilimeters

03.01.06 Electrolytes (without electrodes) Electrolyte analyses using ISE (ion selective electrodes)
HumaLyte 11.10.2007

Stand-Alone ISE Electrolyte Analyzer Reagents for electrolyte analyses Accessories for electrolyte analyses

03.01.08 Devices and systems for glucose determination units Diagnostic agents / kits for glucose determination Glucose photometric determination Reagents for glucose determination

03.01.09 Equipment and systems for urinary diagnosis Urinary test strips Units for evaluation of urinary test strips
Combilyzer Plus 11.10.2007

Semi-Automated Urine Test Strip Analyzer for Combina 11S test strips

03.01.10 Devices and systems for haemoglobin determination
HumaMeter Hb Plus 11.10.2007

Portable System for the Determination of Hemoglobin in Blood Diagnostic agents / kits for the determination of glycosylated haemoglobins Fully automatic glycosylated haemoglobin determination Accessories for the determination of glycosylated haemoglobins

03.01.11 Controls / Standards / Calibrators clinical chemistry Control material for the determination of glycosylated haemoglobins Control material for electrolyte analyses Control material for glucose determination

03.01.12 Units and systems for dry chemistry Diagnostic agents / kits for clinical chemistry Semi-automatic units for clinical chemistry
HumaLyzer 3500 11.10.2007

Semi-Automatic Microprocessor Controlled Photometer Reagents for clinical chemistry Fully automatic units for clinical chemistry
HumaStar Line 11.10.2007

HumaStar 600 (NEW)
High-Speed Random-Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

HumaStar 300
Medium-Throughput Random-Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

HumaStar 180
Random-Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

HumaStar 80
Compact Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

03.02.03 Auto-immune diseases
IMTEC Product Line 11.10.2007 Diagnostics / kits for the diabetes analyses Diagnostics / kits for the gastro enterology Diagnostics / kits for the thyroid gland analyses

03.02.04 Fertility/Pregnancy hormones/Proteins

03.02.05 Units and systems for hormone determination Diagnostic agents/kits for hormone determination Reagents for hormone determination

03.02.06 Thyroid function hormones Diagnostic agents / kits for thyroid gland, etc. determination Reagents for thyroid gland diagnostics

03.02.07 Immuno assay systems Enzyme immunoassay (EIA, ELISA, EMIT) Immunoblots / dotblots

03.02.08 Units and systems for the determination of immunoglobulins and plasma proteins Diagnostic agents / kits for immunoglobulin and plasma protein determination Reagents for immunoglobulin and plasma protein determination Turbidimetry

03.02.11 Drugs of abuse / Toxicology

03.02.12 Rheumatoid diseases Diagnostic agents / kits for diagnosis of rheumatism Reagents for diagnosis of rheumatism

03.02.17 Tumor markers Diagnostic agents / kits for tumour marker determination Reagents for tumour marker determination

03.03.03 Equipment and systems for blood sedimentation Automatic blood sedimentation units
HumaSed Line 11.10.2007

HumaSed 40 and HumaSed 20
Rapid ESR Analyzers (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)

03.03.04 Devices and systems for coagulation analysis Semi-automatic devices for coagulation analysis
HumaClot Line 11.10.2007

HumaClot Duo Plus (NEW)
Cost effective coagulation instrument for medium sized laboratories

HumaClot Junior
Compact 1-Channel Coagulation Instrument Accessoires for coagulation analysis

03.03.05 Haematology cell counters Cell counters with semi-automatic electronic or optical impulses Cell counters with volumetric histogram differentiation
HumaCount Line 11.10.2007

HumaCount 5
Automated Hematology System with 5-Part Differential of WBC

HumaCount Plus
Automated Hematology System with 3-Part Differential of WBC

Automated Hematology System with 3-Part Differential of WBC

03.03.06 Haematology reagents Control material for haematology (control blood etc.)

03.03.07 Haemostasisreagents (Coagulation) Fibrinolyse reagents Control material for haemostasiology

03.03.09 Immunohaematology (Blood grouping)
HumaType Reagents 11.10.2007

Reagents for Blood Grouping & Compatibility Testing Diagnostic agents / kits for immunohaematology Reagents for immunohaematology

03.04.06 Rapid tests – Microbiology

03.05.02 Hepatitis Viruses Infections desease antigens

03.05.03 Equipment and systems for HIV determination units Diagnostic agents / kits for HIV determination Reagents for HIV determination