Atracsys LLC

Ch. du Ru 12
1041 Bottens

Phone: (+41-21)5330350
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President and CEO/ Michael Birchard Tel: +41 21 693 78 43, Fax: +41 21 693 65 40

Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume < 1 Mio US $ Export content max. 75% Year of foundation 2004 Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology Company Profile About Atracsys LLC Background Atracsys LLC is an independent privately held company founded in 2003 to exploit over ten years of research in minimally invasive surgery and optical tracking at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our experts design, manufacture and market the highest precision devices for researchers working on leading-edge 3D optical tracking in medical research, education and industry. We only do active optical tracking; considered by researchers as the most precise and reliable form of tracking available. As an engineering and development company geared to the needs of the most demanding users, Atracsys has developed "best-in-class" precision active tracking systems (the easyTrack and the accuTrack) that can be easily customized and integrated into various research applications in the medical and research fields. Services We recognise that not everyone is an expert on 3D tracking solutions and has the tools to put all of the elements together in an appropriate and cost effective manner. As such, Atracsys is able to help you with first of all, asking the right questions concerning your potential development or project before you start. As part of our consulting business, we are also happy to propose a custom software development that will meet your needs. Product Information 01.08.02 Surgical instruments and products Boomerang XL, Inline Marker and 4 LED Pointer 19.09.2007 Other markers with custom geometries can be designed for your specific project. Please contact us for more information. Custom Marker Kit 19.09.2007 As a researcher, we understand that in certain circumstances you would like to develop your own custom marker. We are happy to sell you the components you will need to make this happen. We have regular high-speed as well as autoclavable cable with Ridel 9-pin connectors and high-quality IR LEDs. Wiring diagrams will be provided to help you build your own markers. EasyBox 19.09.2007 The easyBox is designed to extend the number of active markers beyond the four onboard markers (9-pin) that are provided on the easyTrack. An additional four 9-pin markers (i.e. Pointer, Inline, Boomerang and Boomerang XL) and four 10-pin medical markers can be connected via the easyBox. No additional power is needed, the easyBox is powered directly from the easyTrack. It also allows you to interconnect up to three easyTracks for projects that require increased spatial volume and flexibility. EasyCable 19.09.2007 Connect two easyTrack devices easily using the 2.9-meter long easyCable. The markers of both devices are then shared and data acquisition is synchronized. Magic Arm 19.09.2007 The Manfrotto Magic Arm allows you to securely mount your easyTrack on almost any surface; such as a pole, metal frame or desk. The quick position and release system lets you position the easyTrack exactly where you want it. Related usage instructions are provided with each Manfrotto Magic arm. VESA Style Adapter 19.09.2007 In addition to the standard tripod connection hole (1/4” - M20) on the bottom of the easyTrack 200 and 500 we offer a VESA style 75mm Adaptor (standard for LCD monitors etc.) with an orienting handle. This adaptor opens up the possibility to mount your easyTrack on one of the many monitor arms that are commercially available for general and hospital use. Wired Boomerang Marker 19.09.2007 The offset centre LED allows superior tracking of the instrument through many planes of view. The Boomerang marker is available in regular configuration (that is ideal for laboratory use) and autoclavable (version that use special LEDs). Our Boomerang markers are individually calibrated with a typical calibration error of 0.04mm RMS making them up to six times more precise than competitive markers. Active Markers All Atracsys active markers are designed and manufactured using the best available materials to guarantee the highest possible accuracy at a very affordable price. The superior accuracy of the markers follows through to higher tip precision of the instrument, probe or other tools. Multiple fixing points allow you to easily fix the markers to your specific tool or instrument. The lightweight plastic of the markers is a real plus, especially in situations where the use of non-metallic markers is required. Markers are available in both regular and autoclavable models. In the event that you would need a specially designed marker that cannot be built from our custom marker kit (see below), please contact us at accu track 19.09.2007 The new accuTrack 3D active tracking system Highest performance active tracking combining innovative technology and sleek design. A slightly larger version of the accuTrack compact that delivers an extra level of precision at further distances. At only 53cm long and 1.4kg, this system can be used in most applications. The accuTrack machine is designed to work with both wired (via the accuBox) and wireless tools. If your application requires the tracking of moving objects, the 4000hz acquisition speed will guarantee that you do not lose any precision. If you are currently using an old passive system and are not happy with the accuracy, graduate to the accuTrack. For more complete details on the accuTrack , please refer to the PDF (436 KB). easyTrack 200 19.09.2007 Superior Active Tracking, Compact Size, Cost-Effective The easyTrack 200 stands out because of its compact size - only slightly larger than a one-liter carton of milk. This compact size opens up tracking possibilities never before imagined. For example, the easyTrack 200, which weight only 1.2 kg, can be easily mounted on a microscope for 3D tracking with augmented reality applications. The superior precision of the easyTrack active tracking system gives you the confidence to design tracking solutions that are a major step ahead. For more information on active tracking and precision, please see the Technology section. With four onboard active markers, you are able to easily handle most tracking applications. Both normal and autoclavable markers are available (see accessories). The two working or spatial volumes available on the easyTrack 200 (see right image) allow you to chose the level of precision and working volume that you need for your specific application. For larger working volumes please see the easyTrack 500. easyTrack 500 19.09.2007 The easyTrack 500 has been designed to work at close range for medium volume tracking applications. At only 1.6 kg and 55 cm in length, the easyTrack 500 can easily be placed close to the project field without interfering with you field of view. If you are tired of tracking systems that are inflexible, the open system feature of the easyTrack 500 will be a dream come true. No complicated development kits are needed to integrate the easyTrack 500 into your development. The superior precision of the easyTrack active tracking system gives you the confidence to design tracking solutions that are a major step ahead. For more information on active tracking and precision, please see the Technology section. With four active markers that plug directly into the easyTrack, you are able to easily handle most tracking applications. Both normal and autoclavable markers are available (see accessories). The two working or spatial volumes available on the easyTrack 500 (see right image) allow you to chose the level of precision and working volume that you need for your specific application. Other general surgical instruments and equipment Instruments for the minimal-invasive surgery, MIS Instruments for accident surgery, orthopaedics and rehabilitation surgery Instruments for ENT surgery Instruments and apparatus for abdominal and general surgery Microsurgical instruments Minimal invasive surgery equipment Neurosurgical instruments and equipment Stereotactic operating instruments

Assut Medical Sàrl

Av. de Rochettaz 57, P.O. Box 5
1009 Pully-Lausanne

Phone: (+41-21)7286435
Fax: (+41-21)7286449

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Managing Director: Pierre Baerfuss P.O. Box 5, CH – 1009 Pully / Lausanne, Switzerland, Tel. +41-21 – 728 64 36, Fax. +41-21 – 728 64 49

Company Profile

History: Manufacturer of sterile surgical sutures and knives
Assut sutures have been on the world-market for a number of decades. They first became known as Sutramed Sutures, then Astra Sutures and finally Assut sutures.

The production in Switzerland started in 1961 and has since continued to evolve to match the constantly changing and ever-increasing challenges of surgical requirements.

Modern surgery and new wound healing techniques require a constant re-evaluation and modification of our range of sutures.

As a company with a long history providing surgical products of highest quality, you can count on a team of dedicated Technicians and Personnel.

Product Information
01.08.02 Surgical instruments and products
Assut Ophthalmic Knives 19.09.2007

Made from first quality stainless steel, the sterile Assut Microsurgical knives ensure highest precision and exceptional sharpness.

We offer :

* Standard blades (15°, 22,5°, 30°, 45°)

* Slit knives (Phaco) – Full handle

* Implant Knives – Full handle

* Crescent Blades – Full Handle

* Disc Blade – Full Handle

* V-Lance – Full Handle

* Blade & Tip

* Re-usable metal handle for Blade & Tip, non-sterile

Packed in a user-friendly box, with individual peel-off for the OR-nurse.For further information please contact us to receive our special documentation.

Polypropylene 19.09.2007

Non-Absorbable Suture Materials and Colour Codes

Blue monofilament polypropylene is flexible and ties securely. Extremely well tolerated, its smooth and uniform surface allows easy passage through tissue with minimum trauma.

Silk 19.09.2007

Non-Absorbable Suture Materials and Colour Codes

Black braided surgical silk on twisted core for greater tensile strength. Wax treatment and new braiding technique render the silk uniform and smooth and facilitate its handing. Surgical needles
Needles 19.09.2007

Assut production of needles, sterile sutures and blades

Among the very few atraumatic needle and suture manufacturers in the world, our plant is located in the Swiss watch industry region, a place world-renowned for producing fine metal products.

Our assortment covers a vast range of needles from 70 microns up to the strongest/heaviest needle on USP sizes from 11-0 to -6-, in all shapes and lengths and cross-sections. Made of a special alloy stainless steel, each needle is treated individually to ensure the highest performance and sharpness.

Our catalogues will tell you more.

Logical needle codes

The shape, cross-section and length of the needles are given by the needle codes, for example TS 60. The first letter refers to the shape of the needle, the second to the cross-section. The number stands for the needle length along the body (mm). Surgical suture materials
AssuCryl synthetic 19.09.2007

Absorbable Suture Materials and Colour Codes

Braided, coated synthetic absorbale PGA. Predictable absorption time. High initial tensile strength. Easy and secure knotting. Excellent knot sliding, smooth to handle. Violet and undyed (white). Absorption essentially complete between 60 and 90 days.

Astralen coated 19.09.2007

The sterile Assut Astralen coated suture consists of braided polyester with a fine and uniform coating of medical grade silicone. A modern braiding technic and a special coating process provide a soft and easy to handle suture material with high tensile strength and knot security. Non-absorbable and available in green and white, single and multipack version; a special assortment is pre-threaded with pledgets.

Polypropylene 19.09.2007

A blue monofilament sterile suture material with exceptional smooth and uniform surface allowing easy passage through tissue with minimum trauma. Extremely well tolerated, this non-absorbable suture has excellent knot security

Rapid Synthetic 19.09.2007

Absorbable Suture Materials and Colour Codes

Braided, coated synthetic absorbable PGA. Predictable shorter absorption time. High initial tensile strength. Easy and secure knotting with excellent knot sliding, smooth to handle. Undyed (white) only. Tensile strength loss after 9-11 days and complete between 17-21 days.

Surgical Stainless Steel (Sternotomy) 19.09.2007

A special stainless steel monofilament made for the approximation of the sternum, very smooth and flexible with high tensile strength. The sterile Assut sternum wire is available with a new designed
TCS 50 needle on diameters USP 5 and 6. Most modern packaging system for easy OR-handling.

Temporary Cardiac Pacing Wire 19.09.2007

A very fine braided multifilament stainless steel wire of excellent flexibility with coloured Polyethylen insulation, easy to identify. A special straight cutting needle RSK 90 with breakaway feature, combined with the HR 27 needle or laser made LOOP, sterile. (LOOP fixation, refer to Warning).

Please contact us to receive our Vascular & Cardiovascular catalogue that contains the above specialities. Scalpels and accessories Scalpel blades

ADMECO AG, Medizintechnik

Turbisstrasse 17
6281 Hochdorf

Phone: (+41-41)9147030
Fax: (+41-41)9106119

Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Year of foundation 1983
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Language: German Language: English Company Profile

“Everything we do start’s with you”

Company Headquarters: Turbistr. 17, 6281 Hochdorf, Switzerland (direction to ADMECO AG)

Founded: 1984 (1968 – 1983: company Allo Pro AG, Dept. “medical furnishing”)

Company Form: AG (Aktiengesellschaft)

Business Sector: Design, development and sales of medical equipment, space concepts for hospitals and industry.

References: Over 1’000 installations worldwide

ADMECO – Innovative products from a single supplier

For more than 30 years, ADMECO has been manufacturing innovative, safe products and systems for state-of-the-art operating theatres, recovery rooms, and intensive care units.
The ADMECO concept utilizes our know-how, innovative strength and a flexible approach to ensure all our products meet the highest quality requirements. Our equipment has been designed with hygiene, comfort, security and operating costs in mind – making an investment in ADMECO an investment in the future.

Individually-tailored advice and planning guarantee that your ideas and requirements are realized. Once your ADMECO equipment is installed, we also provide reliable maintenance to ensure its long-term, trouble-free operation.

Product Information
01.05.01 Surgery Room Equipment


Um der Asepsis gerecht zu werden, unterteilen wir den Operationsraum in eine zentrale Kernzone und in einen Peripherie-Bereich.

Die Kernzone ist für den Wundbereich, die steril bereitgestellten Instrumente, die steril eingekleideten Chirurgen und das Instrumentierpersonal vorgesehen.

Die Peripherie ist für den Arbeitsplatz der Anästhesie und für die Bereitstellung der unsterilen Geräte wie zum Beispiel: HF-Chirurgie, Arthroskopie, Monitore, Cellsaver reserviert.

Das von uns entwickelte Konzept setzen wir seit 1980 in über 1000 OP’s erfolgreich ein.

Wir haben in den vielen Jahren ein ausgeklügeltes Paket an Komponenten und Produkten entwickelt, um dieses Konzept zu optimieren und äusserst wirtschaftlich einzusetzen.

ADMECO Zuluftdecke Typ FFA

Die neuen ADMECO-Umluftdecken mit integrierten Kleinventilatoren bieten eine Vielzahl von Vorteilen und neuen Möglichkeiten zur Konzeption von modernen Operationssälen.

Die Flächenfilterauslässe Typ FFA zeichnen sich durch maximale Betriebssicherheit, niedrige Keimkonzentrationen am OP-Tisch (bei entsprechender Auslassgrösse auch an den Instrumententischen) und minimalen Betriebskosten aus.


ADMECO-Vac ist ein ventiliertes „klimatisiertes“
Atemluftsystem, das für die tragbare
und stationäre Anwendung konzipiert ist.
Das Atemluftsystem besteht aus einem
ventilierten Schutzschild, einer Kopfhaube
und je nach Anwendung benötigen Sie das
X-AIR – die tragbare Gebläse-Einheit – oder
das System für die stationäre Anwendung.

– Optimaler Schutz für Patient
und Träger
– Hoher Tragkomfort
– Optimale Sichtverhältnisse
– Unbeschränkte Bewegungsfreiheit
– Antifog Schutzschild
– Extrem leicht (230g)
– Einfach anzuziehen
РOptimalste perșnliche Passform,
da endlos verstellbar
– Sterilisierbare Kopfhaube
– Ausgeatmete Luft wird keimfrei
Medizintechnik ADMECO AG Telefon +41 41 914 70 30
Medical Engineering Turbistrasse 17 Telefax +41 41 910 61 19
CH-6281 Hochdorf E-Mail
ADMECO-Vac ventiliertes Atemluftsystem
System-Darstellung ohne Wickelmantel Ceiling stands for the operating theatre Attachment and carrier systems for medical devices

01.05.02 Medical lighting Medical lamps, examination lamps Lighting installations for operating theatres and investigation rooms Operating table lights Fixed and moveable standard lamps

01.09.01 Lighting systems and equipment

For Major Surgery, Focusable


Ceiling mounted combination “DUO” – 2 lights each w/3-6 projectors
For minor to major surgery
With sterilizable grip for focus and light adjustment
Complete with electrical fittings and dimmer function
2 x 330° rotation

Ceiling “DUO” (D)
Technical Data:

Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz 115V, 60Hz
Working distance 70 – 200 cm
Specifications of bulbs 22.8 V, 50 W
Average lifetime of bulbs 1000 h
Illumination intensity in Lux at 1 m 75 000 – 150 000 lx
Color temperature in K ~4300 K +/- 300 K


For Major Surgery, focusable


Ceiling mounted combination “MULTI”
Expandable from 2 to max. 4 arms
With 2 – 4 lamps à 3 – 6 beams
For general to major surgery
With sterilizable grip for focus and light adjustment
Complete with electrical fittings and dimmer function
1 x 360º rotation and further additions 330º rotation

Ceiling “MULTI” (D)
Technical Data:

Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz 115V, 60Hz
Working distance 70 – 200 cm
Specifications of bulbs 22.8 V, 50 W
Average lifetime of bulbs 1000 h
Illumination intensity in Lux at 1 m 100 000 – 150 000 lx
Color temperature in K ~4300 K +/- 300 K



Single lights with 3-6 projectors
For minor to major surgery
With sterilizable grip for focus and light adjustment
Complete with electrical fittings and dimmer functions

Mobile (F)
Ceiling single light “SOLO” (D)
Wall single light (W)
Technical Data:

Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz 115V, 60 Hz
Working distance 70 – 120 cm
Specifications of bulbs 22.8 V, 50 W
Average lifetime of bulbs 1000 h
Illumination intensity in Lux at 1 m 75’000 – 150’000 lx
Color temperature in K ~4300 K +/- 300 K

01.09.04 Medical supply units complete mobile units such as in catastrophe areas or for military use

09.02 Ventilation, extraction and air conditioning installations

09.02.02 Installations for creating a sterile atmosphere in the operating theatre

09.02.05 Operating theatre air inlet screens and covers

09.02.06 Other ventilation and negative-pressure ventilation equipment

Ventilierte Kopfhauben für den optimalen Schutz für Träger und Patienten Per Gebläse-Einheit wird Raumluft in ausreichender Menge (ca. 150 – 250 m3/h) unter die Haube gesaugt und umströmt komfortabel das Gesichtsfeld hinter dem Sichtfenster.

Der dadurch entstehende Unterdruck unter der Haube schliesst den Austritt von verkeimten Partikel aus dem Kopfbereich aus und der Träger wird vor äusseren Einflüssen wie z.B. Blutspritzer geschützt.

Die mit Atemluft vermischte Raumluft wird in der Gebläse-Einheit keimfrei filtriert (H12 / H14). Unter dem Wickelmantel wird diese keimfrei filtrierte Luft in den Raum zurückgeführt.

Die Haube ist autoklavierbar. Sie wird bei Kleinmengen als unsterile Einweg-Haube geliefert und bei grösseren Abnahmemengen ist sie auch einzeln steril verpackt erhältlich.

Card Guard AG

Rundbuckstrasse 6
8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall

Phone: (+41-52)6320050
Fax: (+41-52)6320051

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Sales and Marketing 2 Pekeris Street, Rabin Science Park, Rehovot 76100, Israel

Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 50-99 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1986
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Communication and Information Technology

Language: German Language: English Company Profile

Company Profile
Headquartered in Switzerland, Card Guard AG is a leading healthcare technology and solutions provider, focused on delivering the next generation health care delivery platforms for consumers, high-risk and chronically ill patients, and to home health, disease management, eHealth, and wellness / fitness markets. Card Guard is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange, and has its whollyowned subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, and its R&D centre in Israel. These subsidiaries include: LifeWatch, Inc. a leading US-based 24/7/365 cardiac monitoring service provider; Instromedix, a US-based manufacturer of telecardiology products and Sensei, a joint venture with Humana ( a US-based Healthcare insurer ) that is developing a consumer health and wellness application and platform. Card Guard’s revenues are derived from sales of its telemedicine systems, and revenues from its telemedicine services. Card Guard currently employs approximately 400 people worldwide.

In 2006, Frost & Sullivan awarded Card Guard with the Remote Patient Monitoring Growth Strategy Leadership of the Year Award. Card Guard is a member of the Continua Health Alliance, comprised of technology, medical device and health care industry leaders dedicated to making personal telehealth a reality.

Card Guard’s wireless healthcare system, the PMP4, provides the tools required for screening, monitoring, and management of general consumer health, Disease Management, Wellness and Fitness. The PMP4 wireless medical monitors measure and transmit medical data to handheld devices, which can be uploaded to a dedicated Web-Based Medical Centre that physicians and patients may access by using a browser. The PMP4 suite of portable and wireless based devices include: 1 and 12- lead ECG event monitor, Spirometer, Pulse Oximeter, Weight Scale, Blood Pressure monitors and a blood glucose monitor. Card Guard also manufactures land-line telemedicine products for the telehealth market, including 1 to 12-lead ECG recorders, Spirometers, Fetal Maternal Monitors, and telemedicine software packages.

With its proprietary ASIC-based technology, Card Guard stays at the forefront of offering health care applications and products that are embedded into hand held and other self-monitoring devices. Card Guard is the first company to offer ECG, Glucose, Body Fat, Heart Rate, and Body Temperature applications on cellular phones.

Card Guard’s products provide a total solution to health care providers seeking to balance quality of care, rising costs of treatment and shrinking budgets. Its portfolio of wireless and land-line patient monitoring systems and monitoring services provide the tools for efficient monitoring, transmission, acquisition, processing, and storage of a patient’s medical data.
The key drivers for Card Guard solutions are an expanding population of those who are concerned about health conditions, such as obesity, on-set diabetes, hypertension and cardiac problems, and those who are in need of medical supervision and monitoring. These populations will be severely impacted by the shortage of healthcare professionals, and decreasing budgets.

Card Guard Markets:

• Monitoring service companies
• Disease Management
• Hospitals and Clinics
• Physician practices
• Rural Healthcare
• Wellness / Fitness
• Sports Medicine
• Clinical Research Organizations

Product Information Scales
PMP4 SelfCheck Weight Scale

The portable weight scale provides precise weight readings within a tenth of a pound. The device has a built-in memory function for recording up to 31 readings. After weighing in, the results are displayed on the scale, and saved on the PMP4 handheld device. The data can be transmitted to the PMP4 Medical Center medical file where it is stored in the patient’s personal file for review by the physician or patient. Body fat measuring devices Personal scales Blood pressure equipment Blood pressure self-monitoring instruments Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories
CG-7000DX-BT 12-Lead Diagnostic ECG Recorder

This ambulatory ECG can record and wirelessly transmit standard ECGs via Bluetooth to a PDA, or PC, or displayed on the device screen. The data can be transmitted to the PMP4 Web Center through the PMP4 medical application, for review by a physician and stored in the patient’s medical file. The test results can also be transmitted via Bluetooth technology to a local Bluetooth enabled printer.

King of Hearts Express® AF

The King of Hearts Express® AF is a sophisticated, easy-to-use cardiac event recorder with autotriggers capable of automatically capturing Atrial Fibrillation, Tachycardia and Bradycardia. The device has 10 minutes of ECG memory and programmable features that allow it to be adapted to every patient’s monitoring needs.

PMP4 SelfCheck ECG

The PMP4 SelfCheckâ„¢ ECG is a 1 and 12 lead ECG cardiac event recorder intended for monitoring symptoms that may suggest abnormal heart rhythms: skipped beats, pounding heart (palpitations), racing heart, irregular pulse, faintness, lightheadedness, or a history of arrhythmia. Electrocardiographs and analysers Long-term ECG recording and evaluation equipment Tele-cardiology and tele-respiratory monitoring and diagnosis

01.04.04 Patient monitoring systems / Measuring stations Premature baby monitoring equipment / fetal monitoring Oximeters, oxygen saturation meters
PMP4 SelfCheck Oxy Pro

The portable PMP4Oxy Pro is an easy-to-use oximeter for measuring real-time oxygen saturation levels in the blood and pulse rate. It displays the oxygen saturation and pulse rate averages with the absolute maximum and minimum measurements on the handheld device at the end of the test. Self monitoring equipment Telemetry systems

03.01.08 Devices and systems for glucose determination units Blood glucose Accessories for glucose determination

06.15 Telemedicine

06.15.02 Real time transmitting systems

06.15.03 Healthcare networks

06.15.06 Teleconsult systems

Baumann Springs Ltd

P.O. Box 172
8630 Rüti , ZH

Phone: 0041-55-2868-111
Fax: 0041-55-2868-511

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Medical Technology and Products/ Sandro Krebs

Company Figures
Number of employees 1000-4999
Sales volume 100-199 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Year of foundation 1886
Area of business Components, Parts, Original Equipment Manufacturers

Language: German Language: English Company Profile

Worldwide Leadership
Worldwide Leadership in Spring Technology, Quality and Partnership

As a powerful group, BAUMANN SPRINGS is the assurance of more technological variety, market presence, customer care and networked expertise.
Together with our 1200 employees we consistently implement our values and strategies and thereby achieve technological leadership in the field of springs and punched components.
Because of our global network of 13 manufacturing companies on three continents we achieve strong group synergies in the technology, supply chain and customer care areas.
This puts us in a position to transform almost any customer requirements into innovative solutions. We maintain leading partnerships with international customers in all industries, i.e. automotive engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, medical engineering and micro-engineering. We have all of the relevant certificates in all of our plants: ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949 und ISO 14001.
Strength from tradition, the willingness to change and enthusiasm for our job help us to achieve our mission: worldwide leadership in technology, quality and partnership.

Product Information
03.36 Force springs
Compression Springs, Tension- and Torsion Springs

Compression Springs
Cold or hot formed. For all quality levels, from small to large diameters, made of alloyed and unalloyed spring steel.

Tension and Trosion Springs
Individually designed, with special springs ends, for any installation scenario, with static and dynamic loading.

03.64 Springs, coiled
Please see above (point 3.36)

Compression Springs,
Tension and Torsion Springs,
Sprial Springs,
Wave Springs

12.08 Coating
Surface Technology

Great expertise and broad technical possibilities: cleaning, deburring, shot peening, glass- and sandblasting, phosphatizing, DELTA-MKS, Geomet, and powder-coating.

12.14 Die-cutting
Pressings and Stampings

Custom parts made from just about any material. From sample to large series. With in-house tool manufacture.

12.25 Grinding, centreless and profile

12.58 Wireforming
Formed Wires

Made of round or profile wire, with a large variety of formy for a broad range of applications.

BaselArea Business Development

Aeschenvorstadt 36
4010 Basel

Phone: 0041-61-29550-00
Fax: 0041-61-29550-09

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Sheena Bethell, Business Consultant

Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Year of foundation 1996
Area of business

Language: German Language: English Company Profile

Our Services
We promote the benefits of Basel’s economic region as the main contact point for companies and entrepreneurs wishing to establish their business in the region, as well as for new businesses and young entrepreneurs from within the region itself.

We can actively assist you by offering advice, information and support concerning:
– establishment formalities and procedures
– possible experts or authorities
– taxes
– available premises (offices, warehouses, production facilities, etc..)
– permits
– social security
– economic facts & figures
– arrange contacts
and much more

Product Information
10.04 Professional institutions
Planning Buisness

A warm welcome from the economic region and residential area of Basel!

Basel has so much to offer – the following chapters present an overview of the important factors for planning your business activity in our region. We will very gladly give you more detailed information, answering your specific questions in writing, by phone or even better personally during your visit to us. And after your decision is made, we will further assist you with advice and practical help.

Contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!
Telephone +41 61 295 50 00
Fax +41 61 295 50 09