Plum A/S

Frederik Plums Vej 2
5610 Assens

Phone: (+45)64712112
Fax: (+45)64712125

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Plum Deutschland Norden am Dorf 4A, D-27476 Cuxhaven, Tel. +49 (0)4721 681 801, Fax +49 (0)4721 681 802
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Capp A/S

Landbrugsvej 10
5260 Odense S

Phone: (+45)66136140
Fax: (+45)66132770

Capp A/S takes pipetting to perfection
Capp A/S is manufacturer and developer of pipettes, pipette tips, micro plate washers and other liquid handling solutions of highest quality and unsurpassed design.

Product Information
02.10 Laboratory equipment
BluCappâ„¢ 15 & 50 ml Centrifuge Tubes

Designed to cover the everyday need for sample storage and centrifugation in the lab, the BluCappâ„¢ feature easy to read graduations as well as a large writing area (20x50mm).

The leak proof caps have large ridges to provide the optimal grip when wearing gloves. Combined with the ¾ turn closure, it significantly increases speed and allows one-handed operation. Made of polypropylene, the BluCapp™ centrifuge tubes are autoclavable, and are tested to endure up to 6000 RCF (15 ml) and 9400 RCF (50 ml).

CappAeroâ„¢ Universal

CappAeroâ„¢ Universal comes with in-line ejection and features a long shaft for use in tubes or flasks.

Choose the pipette’s line that best suits your individual needs:

# StandardLine

# ColorLine

# SoftLine

CappAeroâ„¢ Comfort

A major cause of repetitive strain injuries and user discomfort as a result of pipetting is an excessive workload of the thumb. The CappAeroâ„¢ Comfort reduces the thumb workload up to about 70 % compared to other manual pipettes. As a result, the user can work much more efficient and with a higher precision.

CappAeroâ„¢ Multi

CappAeroâ„¢ Multi Channel Pipettes are available as 8, 12, or 16 channels.

The most luxurious is the SoftLine pipette, featuring a soft handle that practically moulds itself to your hand (whatever its size or shape). The curved finger rest is flexible to let you relax your hand while you work.

The other option is our StandardLine, which can be ordered with the gray or transparent handle.

Find out more about the outstanding features and benefits and assure yourself of the quality and easy usage of CappAeroâ„¢ Multi Channel Pipettes:

* Easy, accurate tip mounting
* The easiest tip ejection system available

* Unique design

CappAeroâ„¢ Short

CappAeroâ„¢ Short

CappAero™ Short is the perfect tool for Molecular Biology work. Ultra micro volume range available at 0.2-2µl and 0.5-10µl are ideal for PCR.

The CappAeroâ„¢ Short pipettes allow you to keep the pipette vertically during pipetting, and still comfortably rest the elbow on the bench top. They are also ideal for gel loading.

It’s SoftLine versions are rubber coated, offering the ultimate grip sensation and comfort.

CappAeroâ„¢ Single

CappAero™ Single Channel Pipettes cover volume ranges from 0.2-5000µl and have one of the lowest pipette activation force requirements available today.

Designed to make your work as stress-free as possible, the broad finger rest minimizes pressure induced problems to the index finger.

CappAeroâ„¢ StarterKit

When choosing the CappAeroâ„¢ StarterKit you automatically get a ready-to-use set of products all optimised to work together. The CappAeroâ„¢ StarterKit includes:

three pipettes covering a range from 0.5 to 5000ul
a rack of tips for each pipette volume (optional)
a stand for correct upright pipette storage.


The innovative CappOrigami™ reservoir is created to minimize reagent waste and save valuable storage space. Made from durable polypropylene, is designed to be shipped and stored as flat sheets. Available are: 30ml reservoirs for 8-channel pipettes and 40ml reservoirs for 12-channel pipettes. The sharp V-shape makes pipetting easier, prevents the formation of bubbles in the pipette tips and allows you to use more accurate amounts of reagent and so avoid expensive waste. The polypropylene reservoir is designed with the exact thickness that ensures that the reservoir remains standing once it has been folded into shape. Fold, pour and pipette… it’s as easy as that!


CappTronicâ„¢ comes complete with the most widely used pipetting modes, including forward and reverse pipetting, multi dispensing, mixing/dilution, and sequential dispensing. There are single and 8-channel versions available.

See the complete specification.

Find out more about the extraordinary features:

* Ultimate Accuracy and Precision

* Easy to operate

* Ergonomics & Comfort-at-Work Features


CappWashTM is a compact & budget friendly washer, desinged in a simple and efficient way and therefore requiring no programming nor electrical connections.

Due to Capp’s special two-in-one washing tubes design, CappWashTM makes hand-held washing extremely easy: Just lower the tubes into the wells, press the knob for the desired number of washings and move on to the next row. It’s as simple as that! Available also as 6-channel Tube Washer, CappWash features:

easy to use
very robust & reliable
uniform & efficient washing
less wash solution residuals
wash strips, 96-well & 384-well plates
adjustable to all well shapes
budget friendly

Nielsen, Tommy

Malervej 6
6710 Esbjerg V

Phone: (+45)75153200
Fax: (+45)75150235

Company Profile

About us
The engineering company Tommy Nielsen manufactures seem- and fully automatic blister packaging machines and tools for all packaging purposes.

The machines are available as standard models or adapted to the customer’s requirements, or can be custom-designed for special applications.

Tommy Nielsen has many years of experience within this line of business and supplies products to customers all over the world.

Tommy Nielsen`s R&D department is constantly working on the development of machines and packaging tools and the testing of new materials. The company maintains a close watch on developments within the field of blister packaging and is therefore always able to provide its customers with efficient and sound advice.

In addition to the machine and tool production departments, Tommy Nielsen has a separate department for the supply of foil.

Product Information
16.01.10 Blister, carded

16.01.11 Blister, double-carton

16.01.12 Blister-lid sealing

16.01.28 Form-fill-seal

The Uniline 400 is a fully automated blister forming and sealing machine. The blister material is from roll while the lidding material is pre cut cardboard. Characteristic for the machine is that there is no waste material.

The forming can be done positively or negatively, and a plug assists is part of the machine.

Directly after the forming the blisters are cut and transported into transport pallets. The products are normally loaded manually into the blister but a Pick and Place system can be used. Cardboard is automatically put on to the transport pallet and the blister is sealed.

The Uniline 400 has a capacity of 3000 Unit packs per hour.

16.01.39 Roller-cutting

16.02.05 Blister packaging

Accoat Medical Guide Wires TM

Möllvei 1
4653 Karise

Phone: 0045-56-7660-00
Fax: 0045-56-7660-01

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Niels Uhrbrand, geschäftsführender Direktor Telefon: 0045-56-7660-00

Accoat A/S
Accoat A/S is among the leading European companies within the utilization of Teflon® (PTFE).

As contract manufacturer we solve both large and small tasks for a demanding clientele all over the world.

Abena A/S

Egelund 35
6200 Aabenraa

Phone: (+45)74311700
Fax: (+45)74311809

Company Figures
Number of employees 1000-4999
Sales volume > 500 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 1953
Area of business Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

Company Profile

An active business
The Abena group is a Danish, family-owned company established in 1953.

Abena is among the market leaders in the protective healthcare industry producing a wide variety of incontinence products, including baby diapers, sanitary towels and other healthcare-related disposable goods.

We have production facilities in:

Abena Produktion A/S Denmark

Abena-Finess AB Sweden

Abena-Frantex SA France

Abena products are sold around the world through a wide distribution network of subsidiary companies and specialist distributors.

The group employs approximately 1200 employees and has an annual turnover in access of 300 million EUR.

The Abena Group headquarters are located in Aabenraa, Denmark.

Product Information
05.02 Universal medical commodities
Quality control ISO 9002

All of our diaper production is subject to strickt 24-hour quality control in our state of the art laboratory to ensure that the products meet and exceed all international standards.

Our highest priority is to ensure that our products develop in line with the quality and specifications demanded by our consumers. To this end we use extensive consumer research in conjunction with the latest laboratory testing to deliver tomorrows diapers today.

05.02.02 Articles for nursing, hygiene and medical cosmetic

05.02.10 Hands disinfection articles

05.06 Disposable articles for hospitals

05.06.01 Disposable clothing

05.06.02 Disposable gloves

05.06.04 Non-woven disposable products

05.07 Disposable articles for laboratories

05.07.01 Disposable material for the laboratory (universal)

05.08 Disposable articles for surgeries

05.10 Incontinence and stoma aids

05.10.04 Disposable towels and sheets

05.10.05 Disposable pants

Harrit & Sørensen Design

Holte Stationsvej 20, 2th
2840 Holte

Phone: (+45)45414191
Fax: (+45)45414193

Company Profile

Design Story

Industrial designers, Harrit & Sørensen a/s, offer a variety of products and services in the field of industrial design, human factor design, exhibitions, strategic consultancy and design management. We follow the entire process from first idea to the implementation of the final product.

At Harrit & Sørensen we create holistic solutions: the specific product as a whole, the complete line of production, the unity of idea and identity. The starting point is in people. The keywords are aesthetics, function, ergonomics and innovation. Design must arouse feelings. Design should touch the emotions. Enthusiasm and humour is what drives us.

Harrit & Sørensen a/s has been a partnership since 1993 and employs four designers.

Design Story

Product Information
Reports and analyses

Design based on Human Factors

Harrit & Sørensen develops human-factors based design work. Based on subject areas such as psychology and ergonomics, designs are user-oriented – thus minimising the risk of functional defects in the finished product. In collaboration with Force Technology, we offer Human Factors Based Design consultancy.

We are experienced in a variety of products and industries: Maritime and medical equipment, household technology and at workplaces, signposting, packaging, internet sites and PC software.

The End user in Focus

Design, based on human factors, is characterised by an interdisciplinary cooperation between psychologists, designers, product developers, engineers, programmers etc. Human factors-based design is built on comprehensive and detailed psychological knowledge, positioned on experimental research into interaction between human beings and technology.

Tools and Methods

Design, based on Human Factors is a process, which includes a variety of methods and tools borrowed from, amongst other fields, psychology and anthropology. Focus is on quality rather than quantity. The goal is to understand rather than merely describe.

Human factors-based design is a structured process where differing utilities and methods are incorporated in carefully planned and documented procedures – from the initial concept to the finished product.

It is of paramount importance for the success of the design process that all the parties involved at the customer have a basic knowledge of human factors.

Therefore, great importance is placed on the human factors courses as an integral part of the smooth running of the project. The goal: that all parties speak the same language when human factors are discussed. We also offer courses in human factor-based design that are not specifically related to a particular project.

These courses are relevant for product developers, engineers, programmers, designers and architects. The goal being, not to produce human factor experts, but to provide basic knowledge that will allow participants, in a qualified manner, to be part of a human factors-based design team.