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Manufacturer of Medical & Sports Tapes
ATEX MEDICAL CO.,LTD. founded in 1999 is a company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of sports & medical tapes(kinesiology). Our tapes have been exclusively used by sports players to avoid muscle injuries and to advance performance, more efficiently. Starting from tapes for medical use, the company has developed a wider variety of sports & medical tapes over a short period of time and exported them to about 10 overseas countries through efficient marketing.
Currently, we are looking for good buyers and clients through this fair. We promise that we will provide better services to all of customers with utmost dedication to complete customer satisfaction.

Product Information
04.02 Bandages
Medical Tape 24.10.2007

1. 130%-140% expansibility the most similar with human muscles
– No obstacles for motion after taping

2. Moire adhesive side unique in domestic products
– By making permeability maximized, it prohibits skin allergy.

3. Excellent Adhesiveness
– One taping goes till 2 or 3 days and even after taking a shower, it can be continuously used.

4. No-stimulus Tape
– No medicative treatment so it has no side effect to skin.

5. Relief of muscular pain
– At present, it is widely used among not only national athletes and professional athletes but also in various associations of sports lovers. And the effect is excellent enough to be used as physiotherapy in hospital and oriental medicine clinics.

Medical Tape 24.10.2007

The methods that heal the pain are classified as medication method and nonmedicative method. In Japan, taping method in other words, taping treatment is more generally used than various antiphlogistics(e.g. pas etc.). Pain and wound are occurred much in fall and winter when muscles have less contraction and relaxation than in summer, at this time, elastic tape can help quick recovery of function in the painful region.

The kinds of ATEX-KOREA products are sports type, color style and bowling timing tape(for finger). Sports type and color style have common box type(hereafter multiple dose packing) and hanger type(hereafter vacuum packing), which have the same effects. Multiple dose packing of sports type has 4 kinds such as 7.5?, 5?, 3.75? and 2.5? by the width, vacuum packing has 2 kinds such as 5? and 2.5? and it has the merit that is not easily seen due to its beige color so it is most frequently used. Color style has 2 colors such as blue and pink and 5? width and 2.5? width in both multiple dose packing and vacuum packing and it has no difference with sports type in elasticity,adhesiveness and efficacy except the visual effect by the color. Bowling timing tape is classified as tape for thumb(2.5?) and tape for middle finger and ring finger(5?) according to the width.

Tourmalin 24.10.2007

Tourmalin is a natural mineral which discharges minus ion permanently that is beneficial to human body, and it is rapidly absorbed into internal human body strengthening immune power including autonomic nerve, warms up our body by discharging far-infrared rays so that it solidifies tissue activation and body temperature protection effect,thus strengthening natural healing power by keeping biological current flowing in human body.

04.02.02 Foot bandages, foot cushions, toe spreads

04.02.03 Joint bandages

04.02.07 Back support aids, support bandages and corsets

Samyang Corporation

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Samsung Medical Rubber Co., Ltd.

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Samson Corporation

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