Ludwigstaler Straße 25
78532 Tuttlingen

Phone: 0049-7461-181-0
Fax: +49-7461-181-200

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MARCOM Judith Szarmach Ludwigstaler Straße 25, 78532 Tuttlingen, Tel.: 07461-181-207, Fax 07461-181-334

Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Year of foundation 1922
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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BERCHTOLD – Your Partner in the OR
BERCHTOLD, founded in 1922, is one of the leading manufacturers of OR equipment. With products like operating lights, surgical tables, telemedicine products and a wide range of accessories BERCHTOLD is present worldwide.

The headquarter Tuttlingen is the focal point of production and international distribution of the products manufactured.

“BERCHTOLD Corporation”, a subsidiary founded in 1982, directs the company’s activities in the United States.

An established international distribution network with excellently trained employees garantees close customer relationship and competence in consultation and service.

Product Information
01.05.01 Surgery Room Equipment Operating tables
OPERON® B 710 / B 712 11.09.2007

With its completely new OPERON B 710, BERCHTOLD has designed a universal OR table for all applications in all surgical disciplines. It can be easily adjusted to perform a variety of tasks and allows for great versatility when it comes to patient positioning. It facilitates the work of the surgeon and the surgical team considerably in all respects.

01.05.02 Medical lighting
CHROMOPHARE® X 65 11.09.2007

CHROMOPHARE X 65 offers an impressive 125 cm depth of field with a 17 to 28 cm spot which makes refocusing unnecessary when changing the table height or operating deeper in the cavity.

A cooler surgical site
A highly-efficient 70-watt gasdischarge bulb system and our exlusive ThermoSorb heat filter minimize tissue desiccation and surgical site temperature build-up. Medical lamps, examination lamps Lighting installations for operating theatres and investigation rooms Operating table lights

01.05.03 Operating tabels Mobile operating tables

06.01 Archiving and documentation

06.04 Communication systems

06.15 Telemedicine
ORICS® C11 11.09.2007

ORICS® C11 transmits surgical procedures across the network, live and in television quality, whether it is video or pictures from an OR camera, from an endoscope or another analog camera. The observer can choose different cameras and perspectives at a mouse-click, and communicate interactively with the operating surgeon, from any authorized, commercial PC.

ORICS® D21 11.09.2007

ORICS® D21 supports doctors in the effective, multimedia documentation of activities: from recording and logging activities in the operating theatre, via simple and quick replay and further processing, to the preparation of various documents at any workplace. Saved to DVD and server-based databases, the comments, information, pictures, and videos, remain constantly available.