AUNOTEC s.r.l.

Via San Faustino, 110
41037 Mirandola

Phone: 0039-0535-24218
Fax: 0039-0535-609607

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Marketing & Sales / Mr. Alberto Goldoni

Marketing & Sales / Ms. Roberta Borsari

Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 1975
Area of business Manufacturing Equipment

Company Profile

Customized Assembly Systems for Medical Devices
Since 1975 AUNOTEC has been designing and building systems and accessories to automate production processes in many industrial fields.

This long experience allows AUNOTEC to supply the medical/ pharmaceutical/ cosmetics fields with expert support from drawing up the specifications, designing and building machines up to after-sales technical support. From idea to finished product including designing, prototyping, installation & final testing.

Our customised solutions include: Automatic Components & Tubing Assembly Machines with possibility to coil & fasten with cohesive tape; Cutting benches for materials & fabrics from rolls/ sheets of rigid and semi-rigid materials used to manufacture bags, containers and filtering surfaces. Main features of our machines are: Many assembly & components handling techniques; Laser cutting & marking of materials and tissues; Built-in monitoring & testing systems; User-friendly operator interface; LAN connection & remote servicing; Little routine maintenance

Product Information
11.04 Assembly systems
Oxygen mask assembly machine 22.08.2007

The semiautomatic machine has been designed to make the insertion of the elastic on the oxygen/breathing masks. The elastic is cut directly from reel to preset length. Then the two elastic ends are inserted into the mask, which has been manually loaded onto dedicate mask-holder by the operator. The assembled mask is then automatically discharged.
The machine, managed by PLC, is protected by photoelectric barriers that stop machine operation in case of intervention of the operator when the cycle is running.
User interface by LCD touch-screen, for setting of working parameters and message display.
The machine has productivity of about 500 pieces/hour, working 1 mask per cycle.
Machine settings can be easily and quickly changed to work different type of masks.

11.06 Automation systems

11.20 Cutting machines
Cutting Bench for Medical/Pharmaceutical materials 23.08.2007

The R50 Series CAD-CAM Cutting Plotter has been designed and built to cut materials and fabrics from rolls and sheets of rigid and semi-rigid materials used to manufacture bags, containers and filtering surfaces used in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. The versatility of the R50 series combined with its ease of use, compactness, repeatability, sturdiness, and low maintenance, make it a machine with great operational flexibility: it can satisfy both industrial production (large volumes with little variety in the semi-finished products) and production by small businesses as well as the production of prototypes (low volumes with large variety in the semi-finished products).

11.41 Linear assembly machines
Palletized Assembly Line 23.08.2007

11.65 Rotary indexing assembly machines

20.02.03 Tube banding

20.02.04 Tube coiling

20.02.05 Tube-cutting